Education Process


  • This class allows us to quickly build a relationship with our client which establishes accountability.
  • 40 hour pre-employment training class
  • Our pre-employment training class is designed to develop each candidate into a skilled job seeker. The goal is to ensure each client stands out from the other applicants to give them the best chance at being chosen for the position.

All of our processes value relationships.

  • Pre-Employment Instruction
  • The fundamentals of resume writing
  • Goal setting: Improve every day
  • How to find jobs: Social Media, Networking and approaching businesses
  • How to apply to jobs and pass the assessments
  • Interviewing: Mock interviews

Goal Setting

In class we practice goal setting each day. We believe you become what you think about most of the time. We write down our goals and break them down into achievable steps. From there we take one of the steps and assign it as daily home work. The objective is turn our client into a habitual goal setter.

Resume Building

A good resume can lead to consideration for a job. A great resume will stand out among the others to put the candidate at the top of the list. We teach that a resume is not meant to get the job; it’s to get an interview. EmployU has professional resume experts on its team who work with each client to teach them the fundamentals of resume building and assist in creating a professional resume.


With today’s technology there are many different methods one has to learn in order to apply for positions. Unfortunately, these methods can be complicated, require computer skills and can cause anxiety for even the most educated. In class we learn the many methods and submit live applications. It’s imperative that clients practice to overcome the fears and gain the confidence to go home and submit applications on their own.


EmployU is a member of many networks and we expose our students to opportunities that exist in the community. Quite often the best available jobs are uncovered by getting out there and meeting people. To be the most efficient networker it’s important to spend your time with the right people. We teach our clients where and how to network and we actually take field trips to group meetings.


This is the topic we spend most of our time on. Mock interviews and evaluations really build the students confidence as they see the improvements they make over time. We work on poise, eye contact, the hand shake and building rapport. We teach them that as a job seeker they are in the sales industry and their product is themselves.