Job Seeker Benefits

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an excellent opportunity for both employers and job seekers with disabilities.  With an OJT the individual will be able to participate in hands-on training in an integrated work setting.  This specialized training allows the individual to develop skills and gain experience that enables them to advance to a long term career or perform a job in their desired industry.  When a individual participates in an OJT they will get many benefits being, an interaction on a regular basis with employees who do not have disabilities, work in comparable positions, and are paid no less than minimum wage.

An overview of benefits to individuals who participate in this program are as follows;

  • Expect to train in their desired field
  • Earn a salary while training
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Interact with other employees in an integrated work setting
  • Preparing to enter the workforce

Employer Benefits

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an opportunity for you, the employer, to mentor a person with a disability, helping them develop the skills needed to realize their career goals and potential, with no liability to you regarding insurance or wages.  During the OJT, the trainee interacts on a regular basis with employees who do not have disabilities, hold a regular position, and is paid no less than minimum wage through our company, employU in cooperation with a program through the State of Florida.  On-the-Job Training helps people with disabilities get used to the employment environment, while gaining valuable work experience.

An Employer Working With EmployU

When working with employU, you are not just gaining a client-employer relationship with a highly motivated potential employee, but also, a team of people, who support the client to be successful.  After the OJT has been completed, if a job offer is extended, we have an experienced, professional staff who are certified to assist in the transition, and provide additional training or coaching at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How long does On-the-Job Training last?

A. The average length of an OJT is six to eight weeks.  Training length is based on employer needs, and difficulty of the job.

Q. Are you required to hire at the end?

A. Employers are not required to offer a job at the completion of an OJT, but extending a job offer to a candidate is always a consideration.

Q. Is there any minimum wage or liability insurance required?

A. employU will furnish a copy of our liability insurance coverage for all individuals under the OJT program.  The individual is considered an employee of employU, therefore, we pay our clients to essentially work for you for free the duration of the OJT.