employU’s adult disability employment services are designed to prepare each participant for the job-seeking process. Our team works one-on-one with customers with disabilities to find the right job for them. It is not just a job search, it is about highlighting a customer’s strengths and abilities to secure long-term employment that is fulfilling and rewarding.


employU’s certified Employment Specialists and Job Coaches are skilled in working with customers at all levels of ability. A customized plan is created for every individual to ensure the proper supports are in place. This is their blueprint for success. For customers with the Medicaid Waiver iBudget program employU can provide Extended Services with The Agency for Persons with Disabilities for continuity and long term coaching support.


Getting hired at the right job takes time and preparation. During the pre-employment training phase, customers will gain valuable skills to set them up for a successful job-hunting experience.

Resume Building

Learn how to structure a resume that matches what employers are looking for.

Find the Right Job Fit

Learn multiple job search methods to find the right job.

Submitting Applications

Overcome today’s challenges with applications and personality assessments.

Interviewing Skills

Learn how to interview professionally and gain confidence in your presentation skills.


Walk away with valuable relationships with our staff and other customers.

We also offer virtual Pre-Employment Training classes. Click below for more information.


Once a customer has been hired, employU’s Employment Specialists and Job Coaches team up to offer them the required level of support. If requested, coaches will accompany customers during the employer training period to ensure they are instructed in a way that matches how a customer best processes information. The employU team will maintain consistent communication with both the customer and the supervisor to track progress and address challenges. Support is maintained for the duration of the adjustment period of 3-5 months, depending on a customer’s needs.


employU staff of skilled and experienced Vocational Professionals and have a passion to help customers become employed at the right job. Each Employment Specialist proactively customizes the job search for each customer. Our team strives to provide every customer multiple opportunities to interview at companies that match their career goals. They work one-on-one to ensure every customer has the greatest chance of success.


employU partners with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (A.P.D.) to help customers that qualify for additional services through A.P.D. Contact A.P.D. for information regarding benefits and to apply. There is a waitlist for services, so it is advised to start the processes as soon as possible. If assistance with the application is needed employU may be able to help.

Once on the waitlist, some customers may receive benefits from employU even before having been accepted through the EEP Program. employU participates in the  “Enhanced Employment Project” (EEP) for those in need of job coaching services while on the waitlist. Additionally, for those that are in APD’s CDC+ status, employU is approved to work as a coaching provider.

If someone has already been through the VR process and is no longer a fit for your needs you may be eligible to receive no-cost coaching services. If employed, support may be available to help maintain a current position.

Once off the waitlist, a customer will be assigned an A.P.D. Support Coordinator who will assist in developing an ibudget, a pool of funding that is determined by an individual’s needs. Additionally, the Support Coordinator could refer their customer to employU for supported employment job coaching.

This type of job coaching is designed to address issues that may be occurring on the job and/or improve a customer’s skills, speed, and confidence. Often this support is all that is required to ensure a successful employment opportunity.

employU is partnered with the American Dream Network (ADEN) to provide employment services to recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Supplemental Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Recipients are able to earn income and continue to receive SSI or SSDI benefits as long as they do not exceed the maximum amount. For more information, please see a benefits advisor.

There are times that when an SSI or SSDI recipient feels they are capable of earning more income than what they receive under the benefit while working part- time. This is where employU steps in. Through our partnership, employU offers no-cost employment services to help SSI or SSDI recipients obtain new full-time employment or improve a current employment status. employU assists with the job preparation and the search process. We also provide job coaching support to boost confidence and foster independence from SSI and SSDI benefits.

Employment services are also available to recipients who lost SSI or SSDI benefits within the last 90 days due to exceeding the maximum allowable income. This service is of no-cost to the participant and the levels of service are customized to each individual.