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Project SEARCH is a very specified work-based learning experience within the Transition Youth Program that has contributed to the success and growth of youth clients.  employU has partnered with St. Lucie County Public Schools and the Cleveland Clinic Tradition Hospital in the Project SEARCH Transition to Work Program.  Through Project SEARCH, students can participate in […]

Mikela is a bright, confident, well-spoken student who certainly has a plan for her future. In fact, she has two plans. With a passion for both Creative Writing and Marine Biology, Mikela plans to pursue both avenues as possible career paths. She is currently attending college studying Biology and Creative Writing. “If becoming an author […]

Connor is an employU client who was feeling a bit down on his luck before working with his Job Coach, Elektra. He was experiencing difficulties finding a job and was starting to doubt he would find one suited for him. Elektra saw how persistent and eager Connor was to gain experience in the workforce and […]

People First Language: What Is It, How To Use It, And Why It's Important The word “disability” covers a wide variety of medical diagnoses.  Historically, people with disabilities have had to fight for the right to accommodations and to be heard in general.  “People with disabilities have historically been marginalized, hidden, ignored, pitied, stereotyped, and [...]
Passion, Charm, and "Super-Abilities": Hunter's Story Hunter is an employU client with an amazing personality. He has experience advocating for people with disabilities as a volunteer at the ELS Center for Autism and Best Buddies. He also loves to show the world how Autism has given his “super-abilities” – a remarkable memory and attention to [...]

This summer, employU had the opportunity to provide our clients residing in Orange County with enhanced services thanks to funds received through a grant from the Orange County government. A total of 20 clients participated in these summer events, which started on June 18th with a tour of Valencia’s Center for Accelerated Training located in […]

As peak seasons approach, many businesses feel the crunch of trying to find skilled employees to meet the demand of their busy season. It’s a fortunate problem to have, but it’s still one that needs to be addressed and often needs to be addressed quickly. employU has a solution. On-the-Job Trainings (OJTs) are not only […]

Tyler is a high school student who recently moved from Alabama with his mom. Wanting Tyler to get involved in activities around their new home, she mentioned employU’s Transition Youth Program to Tyler. Eager to find his first job opportunity, Tyler thought this would be a great chance to explore his options. Like many teens […]

2020 has certainly brought a lot of “new” with it - a new year, a new decade, and a new way of doing things.  With the appearance of COVID-19, the entire world has had to make changes and adjust.  Here at employU, our staff worked hard to continue to assist and support our clients throughout [...]