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Julia Bello

Position: Employment Specialist

Hi, I am Julia, currently a job coach at employU. I was born in the south of Russia, in a beautiful place situated between Black and Caspian Seas with a view of the Caucasus Mountains. I started my career assisting others as a Crisis Line Volunteer. Falling in love with Psychology, I graduated from North Caucasus State Technical University with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

I have worked with young children with autism, performing early interventions, and counseling for a few years. Additionally, I was very active in a professional society and became a co-founder of ProPsy, a mental health informational agency that promotes available mental health services in our region.

As my life journey took me to Canada, I continued to search for similar opportunities where I could give back to my community. I have spent lots of time exploring the Pacific Northwest, and hiking became my favorite activity. I eventually moved to WA state where I got married and became a mother. I was able to return to the field by working as a para-educator in life skills classroom assisting youth with transitioning into vocational experiences. From there, I learned about job coaching, and finally through training experiences

I became a job coach for a nonprofit organization. There I provided long-term support, job development, and on-the-job training. It was one of the best experiences in my career meeting individuals, watching them grow, and seeing the positive impact of their presence, contributions, and impact on their workplace.

These experiences have helped me evolve as a better human being, which I am grateful for. After spending 12 years in the Pacific Northwest our family decided to move to Florida. I am fascinated with the beauty of this state. Here is where employU opened the doors for me to continue working with people with disabilities. It has been a pleasure becoming a member of the employU team, and I am looking forward to contributing my experience and knowledge to further this organization’s goals.

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