Headshot of Kimberly Amiro

Kimberly Amiro

Position: Director of Marketing and Communications

I am Kim Amiro, the Marketing and Communications Manager at employU. When I graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s in marketing, I decided to dedicate my professional career to elevating nonprofit brands through the power of traditional and online communication tools. I wanted to hone my skills to advocate for worthy causes and give a voice to the people who need it most.

After seven years in nonprofit marketing, I joined the employU team and have wholeheartedly embraced the organization’s mission and culture. It speaks to me in a way that no other organization I have worked for has. My passion and drive to increase support for employU stems from my belief that every person facing barriers that deeply affect their livelihoods should have access to an advocate who is committed to standing by their side to help them achieve their goals for a better life.

Knowing that nonprofits have amazing stories to tell, I view myself as the vehicle in which stories are shared and amplified. My favorite part of the job is talking to my colleagues who are hands-on with clients every day. In my eyes, they are the true everyday heroes who, by helping clients find their path to a rewarding career that suits their abilities, are forever changing someone’s life for the better. When I talk to these colleagues, I have the unique opportunity to learn about the awe-inspiring, exceptional individuals they engage with daily. Every one of employU’s clients has a unique story – their background, support system, local community, motivation to succeed – all distinct to them, but all equally inspiring. It is my job, my privilege, to share these stories with the world, and I enjoy every opportunity to do so.

employU has allowed me ample discretion to ensure that their clients’ voices are heard, and I have taken that liberty to envelope as many forms of media as possible to make it happen. I utilize video production, print publications, and multiple online platforms – such as the website I recreated and the social media channels I manage – to amplify the profound messages shared by employU’s clients. Watching these stories come to life and seeing day-by-day the increase in engagement and support from the community is what fuels my motivation to perform in my role at employU, and I love every moment of it.

employU is an approved vendor with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and we are happy to serve VR’s customers.
employU is a CARF accredited organization
employU is a Veteran Safe Place