employU now offers peer mentoring. Peer mentors are like-aged peers who connect youth clients to long-term community resources. These resources can help students receive the initial social supports they need to effectively transition into post-secondary training, education, and employment.

Peer mentors provide a relatability and understanding that can otherwise be lost among non-peer age groups. Having been in the students’ shoes not too long ago, peer mentors are able to guide students through current challenges and climates in order to help them reach their goals.

Upon completion of this service, students will have increased ability to effectively advocate for their needs, supports, and services. Additionally, through their own advocacy efforts, students can register and actively participate with groups, organizations, or networks that promote personal growth and development or serve as long-term supports.


Through a blend of virtual and face-to-face interaction, peer mentors work one-on-one with youth customers to explore opportunities and assist them on their path to independence. It is like having their own concierge to tailor their experience.

The time commitment for this service is flexible and can vary based on customer’s availability, but typically ranges between 5 and 20 hours per month. Customers can engage in this service for any length of time between one and six months.

This one-on-one support helps clients:

  • Discover community service organizations youth can access to obtain long-term supports and services they may need beyond the assistance they receive from VR.
  • Engage with social support groups that help youth become more integrated into their communities and give them the confidence to create and sustain social networks of peers.
  • Utilize employment-related social networking to build professional networks and learn more about their career interests.

Interested in this service or in becoming a peer mentor? Contact us below!

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Elektra Wright

My name is Elektra Wright, I’m 20 years old. I currently live in Orange Park, Florida where I attend Florida State College of Jacksonville where I major in physical therapy. I’m a very minimalistic person, I love only the necessity. I also like to do DIY arts and crafts. I have a miniature dapple dachshund, She’s three years old and she’s my emotional support animal. She’s super cute. I decided to become a peer mentor for my love of helping others. My biggest fear in high school was not fitting in. Once I had others to mentor me I realized that I am enough and I want to pass off that same experience that I received from my mentors.

The most important thing that I’ve ever experienced during my path of learning and understanding my disability l was to always think positive thoughts and never put yourself down.

Shannon Saunders

My name is Shannon Saunders. I am 20 years old and I live in Ponte Vedra, FL. I am currently a sophomore at Flagler College and my major is Media Studies. Someday I think I’d like to work in the publishing industry, although I am not sure exactly where yet. I live with my parents, two sisters, and two dogs. Most of the time I’m either at school, at work, reading, or hanging out with my dogs.

I decided to become a peer mentor because I see the difference my mom, Jan Saunders, makes every day in her program at EmployU. My goal is to combine the experiences that I have had so far in my work and school careers with the wisdom my mom has given me to help my peer mentees as much as I can.

*Now Serving the Treasure Coast, St. Augustine, Leesburg, and Jacksonville areas. Expanding to other regions soon.