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Looking for employment can be a difficult task at any time. But, with the new added complication of COVID-19, those looking for a job may have to do things a little differently when it comes to competing in the current market. The following are tips on how job seekers can increase the effectiveness of their […]

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Moving Forward Together As A Community

2020 has certainly brought a lot of “new” with it - a new year, a new decade, and a new way of doing things.  With the appearance of COVID-19, the entire world has had to make changes and adjust.  Here at employU, our staff worked hard to continue to assist and support our clients throughout [...]
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This spring, in-person activities were halted throughout the country as the nation was affected by COVID-19.  Our community and employU were no exception.  Without the ability to meet in person, employU turned to technology to keep our clients engaged. We successfully kicked off our first-ever Virtual Pre-Employment Training Class on Saturday, April 18th.  The class [...]
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