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Employment Solutions for Veterans Veterans offer an incredible combination of leadership abilities, unique experiences, and various sets of skills to the workforce. These assets, which were honed during years of military service bring value to employers and communities. But according to a report published by Prudential, two-thirds of veterans experience a challenging transition from military [...]
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Employment Resources for Veterans According to CBS News, each year about 200,000 military service members make the transition into civilian life. Only about 1 in 4 of them have a job lined up. And even more veterans have trouble finding work that is long-term, sustainable, and meaningful to them. While there are resources for veterans [...]
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Can I Work While Receiving VA Disability Benefits? Honoring those who have served in our military is something we are proud to do at employU. With many military veterans comprising essential roles within our staff, we know the value veterans bring to the workforce. We have seen how ambitious, hard-working, driven, and skilled those who [...]
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