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employU offers people with disabilities a path to a meaningful career. Every client has a team of staff members dedicated to preparing them for employment through resume building, application guidance, and interview preparation. We build relationships with each individual in our program to find the environment best suited to their personality, job skills, and strengths. We then strategically match businesses with our clients to establish mutually beneficial experiences.

When business partners hire our clients, they are not simply hiring an individual, they are hiring an experienced team of professionals. employU provides ongoing support for a minimum of 3-5 months, depending on the client’s needs, to ensure a high rate of job retention (85%).

Job coaching is also available upon request. An employU job coach will accompany a new hire through the established business orientation and training process. Our coaches are skilled to work with all types of personalities and abilities and will assist business partner trainers in the onboarding process of our clients so they can learn and execute the responsibilities of their position successfully. Coaches will collaborate with business partner trainers to teach clients in a manner they understand and can relate to. The coach is available to work with the new employee as much as needed and slowly tapers off service as they become more confident and independent in the tasks.

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Business Partner Testimonials

employU 2022 Awards

employU is recognizing leaders throughout the state for their contributions to the community. Read below to learn more about all of the award winners.

  • "We appreciate the partnership with employU and the great opportunity that you all provide for not only members of our community, such as Kymani, but also for our employees and organization. The working relationships that are created via the Transition Youth Services Program makes an equal impact to the employU client, Our employees, and the communities we live and work in."
    Michael Torres, Director of Human Resources, Michael Torres, Director of Human Resources, Tijuana Flats
  • "Thomas has been an awesome addition to our company this summer and the team at employU have been great to work with."
    Stinger Fiberglass
  • "The relationship we have with your organization has been wonderful and with folks like Pam and Laura it really has strengthened the bond. Thank you so much for everything and I hope the relationship only gets stronger and expands."
    John, Director of Custodial Services, John, Director of Custodial Services, WFF Facility Services at Florida Poly University
  • "We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with employU. It has been a very special experience that we are proud to be a part of."
    Brandon, Manager, Brandon, Manager, Badcock and More
  • "With employU’s partnership, Capture continues their proud tradition of being a rich, welcoming, and accommodating work environment. The participants are not the only ones who have grown while here; their time with us has allowed our staff and our programs to grow in new ways."
    Justin, General Manager, Justin, General Manager, Capture ISG
  • "employU, now that I am apart of it, is a no-brainer for any business to take advantage of. It helps us, it helps the students, and it helps the economy."
    Crystal, VP of Operations, Crystal, VP of Operations, Compsys

Become an On-The-Job Training Host Business

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an opportunity for business partners to mentor a person with a disability, helping them develop the skills needed to realize their career goals. There is no liability to our business partners regarding insurance or wages as employU is the employer of record during a client’s OJT experience.

Once a client completes an OJT, the business partner may extend a job offer without incurring any fees from employU. Additionally, our team will assist in the transition and provide additional training or coaching if needed.

The average length of an OJT is six to eight weeks. Training length is based on employer needs, and difficulty of the job. Although employers are not required to offer a job at the completion of an OJT, extending a job offer to a candidate is always a consideration.

There are also tax incentives to working with someone that has received services from Vocational Rehabilitation. Click here to learn more about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program

One of our business partners, Compsys, talks to Able Trust about their experience with employU.

The Able Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating successful employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the state of Florida. The organization does its work through grant-making, public education, public relations, policy recommendations. It is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, all of whom are appointed by the Governor.

Benefits and FAQ's

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employU covers all employee payroll for clients participating in
On the Job Training

employU is the Employer of Record for IRS reporting. We are responsible for all wages, taxes, and all of the associated payroll paperwork.  Clients clock in and out on their phones and all record keeping is maintained by employU.

Host businesses can also reduce recruitment and training costs by partnering with employU for On the Job Training to allow the right candidates the opportunity to gain valuable hands on experience while you get to know them to determine if they are a good fit for your business needs.  There is no obligation to hire them after the On the Job Training period ends and no cost if you want to hire them on permanently.

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Liability insurance and Workman’s Comp is covered

Liability insurance of $1,000,000 is covered by employU. Workman’s compensation insurance is covered by the State of Florida.

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An employU Job Coach will visit the worksite on a regular basis to provide support not only to the client, but also to the host business. At each visit, the Job Coach will check in with the client’s supervisor to ensure that everything is going well and ensure that any challenges are addressed.


If your business has a peak season, busy season, or has any special projects you can utilize students for On the Job Training to assist during these time periods.


employU partners with a variety of industry-specific associations and businesses to offer vocational training and internship opportunities to our customers. Many industries – such as manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and more – are in great need of skilled employees. By partnering with employU, these businesses build their labor force through training and certification opportunities creating a pipeline of skilled talent. These special programs are designed so that participants can gain hands-on, in-depth experience and develop specific job-related skills.

During these programs, businesses can evaluate employU clients for current and future talent pool of employment opportunities without any cost or risk. employU is the employer of record and the clients are on our payroll. Additionally, liability insurance is covered by employU and Workers Compensation is covered by employU’s funding partner, Vocational Rehabilitation. Once a client completes an on-the-job-training (OJT), the retailer may extend a job offer without incurring any fees from employU. Overall, businesses benefit in reduced training expenses by hiring employU clients that have already completed on-the-job-training experiences.


TJX Partnership

employU has maintained a partnership with the TJX family since 2016. In that time, we have developed close relationships with many of the stores, managers, and staff. We tracked work experience programs across 56 stores over 6 months and the results were outstanding!

The Retail Internship Project is designed to provide an immersion experience for clients interested in retail.​ Positions ranged from warehouse maintenance to store-front stocking and customer service. Through these work placement experiences, TJX was able to create an additional recruitment pipeline for their stores, increasing assistance not only during peak seasons but also during downtime when revenue slows. Additionally, TJX was able to reduce training costs by hiring employU clients that have already completed work experiences since they were trained for their positions while on employU’s payroll during the OJT.

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United Space Coast Cables (USCC) Partnership

In the summer of 2019, USCC partnered with employU to offer a summer internship program to high school students to expose them to industry. There is significant need for skilled employees in the manufacturing industry, particularly on the Space Coast where manufacturing contributes 21% to the GDP. employU customers who participated in this program were offered the opportunity to explore a wide array of manufacturing positions from assembly to high-tech product testing and specialized product development.

After the summer program ended, USCC was contracted for major project. They once again turned to employU, this time to set up a weekend-based work experience opportunity for students. The students learned first-hand that teamwork was key to the success of the project. USCC benefited as well. The stats highlight the project-based work experience by the numbers for USCC.

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Florida is known for its lucrative tourism industry, and these jobs are always in high demand. The Hospitality Program allows employU clients to gain hands on experience in a variety of areas including culinary, customer service, reception, housekeeping, and maintenance in different venues from full-service hotels or restaurants to sporting arenas.

employU has developed relationships with a wide rage of businesses in these industries. From large hotel chains to local small businesses, we have experience in matching the right client with the right business and position.

In 2020, employU launched a partnership with the Holiday Inn in Daytona Beach. That summer, nine on-the-job-trainings were completed by youth and adult clients, resulting in $11,616 in labor cost savings for the business. Additionally, three clients were hired for permanent positions.

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During the first meeting, employU will go over all of the information in the Memorandum of Understanding, including employer of record, payment of clients, liability insurance, and workers compensation.  employU will also answer any questions the host business has and provide any additional information as required.

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After the MOU is signed, employU meets with the host business to conduct a site visit, help develop job descriptions for the On the Job Training positions available, discuss schedules and the ideal candidate for the positions in order to match the right clients with the right opportunities. The main objectives in this meeting are to:

  • create the job descriptions for the On the Job Training Positions
  • determine the number of positions available
  • determine the schedule and approximate number of hours per week for each position
  • discuss and determine the interview process

Clients interview for the positions, just like any other employee would, and if the business agrees that the person is a good match for the opportunity employU will place them.

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The client begins their work experience with the host business and an employU job coach will accompany the client on their first day for support and coordination.  The Job Coach will conduct regular check-ins to measure progress and success.

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When the client’s On the Job Training ends, the employU Job Coach will conduct an Exit Interview with the business supervisor as well as the client. The host business has the opportunity to express how the client did during the experience including progress, challenges, and overall experience. The host business will also have the opportunity to hire the client, but there is no obligation to do so. If the client is hired, there is no cost to the business.


employU partners with a variety of organizations to broaden the scope of services available to them. Organizations that wish to refer customers in need of disability employment services should have individuals complete this authorization form in order to release their contact information to employU. We are always happy to offer resources to whomever is in need, but wish to respect their privacy and right to choose their service providers.

If there are any questions regarding this form or how to refer someone to employU for services, please contact info@employU.org or call (407) 598-0202.

employU is an approved vendor with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and we are happy to serve VR’s customers.