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Work Incentives Planning Assistance (WIPA) Specialists

We know navigating benefits and work can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be a solo journey. The Work Incentives Planning Assistance (WIPA) program is specifically designed for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries to clearly explain how work affects your benefits and what available work incentives there are based on your particular circumstances. employU’s WIPA Specialists, also known as Certified Work Incentive Practioners (C-WIP) or Counselors (C-WIC), will provide you with the correct information and support you need to make a successful transition into the workforce. If you receive SSI or are an SSDI beneficiary, a WIPA Specialist can help you figure out how to work and keep the support you rely on. Our program is here to make it easy for you to get the information you need to make the transition to work as smooth as possible. We’ll help you get all the support you’re entitled to so you can find a job, keep it, and move forward in your career.

Recipients of  SSI or beneficiaries of SSDI can be referred to employU to speak with a Certified WIPA Specialist to ensure they obtain correct information and can use it to make a successful transition to work. Our program provides an easy-to-access entry point for recipients to acquire initial and ongoing benefits support they need to attain, maintain and advance in employment.

So, what exactly can a WIPA Specialist do for you?

A WIPA Specialist will:

  • Check out all your benefits and make sure everything is in order.
  • Give you a report that clearly explains your benefits.
  • Get a special benefits breakdown report straight from the Social Security Administration.
  • Be there to answer your questions.


More on WIPA Services

C-WIP and WIPA: Your Benefit Experts
  • C-WIP (Certified Work Incentives Practitioner): These professional specialists are trained and certified to provide comprehensive counseling regarding how work impacts your benefits. These specialists are also known as C-WIC (Certified Work Incentive Counselors) or WIPA Specialists.
  • WIPA (Work Incentives Planning Assistance): This program, specifically designed for SSI recipients and SSDI beneficiaries, offers personalized benefit counseling that clearly explains how work affects your benefits and available work incentives.
SSI vs. SSDI: Understanding the Difference
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income): This need-based program provides financial assistance to individuals who meet specific income and resource limitations.
  • SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance): This program provides benefits based on contributions made to the Social Security Administration through payroll taxes. Eligibility can be based on your own work record or a parent’s work record.

To determine which program you’re enrolled in, check the top of any letters you’ve received from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Medicaid vs. Medicare: Not to Be Confused
  • Medicaid: Similar to SSI, Medicaid is a needs-based program providing health assistance to eligible individuals.
  • Medicare: Typically available at age 65, Medicare can also be accessed earlier if you have earned enough work credits and have a qualifying medical condition. Similar to SSDI, you may also qualify through a parent’s work record.


Accessing WIPA Services:

  1. Become a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) client.
  2. Request WIPA services from VR. They will provide you with a list of vendors with qualified specialists to assist you.
  3. employU is proud to have WIPA Specialists on our team to support your journey.


Work Incentives: Tools for Success

Work incentives are specialized SSA rules designed to enable individuals with disabilities to work while maintaining their cash and medical benefits. They serve as stepping stones on your path to financial independence.

Work Incentives & Your Specific Situation

Every individual’s situation is unique, with factors such as type and amount of benefits, applicable work incentives, and earned income influencing the impact on your benefits. This is why collaborating with a certified WIPA specialist is essential for navigating your transition to work.

BPQY: Your Benefit Breakdown

A BPQY (Benefits Planning Query) serves as a comprehensive report outlining your disability cash benefits, health insurance coverage, work history, applicable work incentives, and other valuable details.

employU is committed to making the world of benefits understandable and supporting you in achieving your career goals. Contact us using the form below for more information.

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