Psychological Evaluations

employU is proud to now offer psychological evaluation services to adult and youth VR clients. Administered by a State of Florida Licensed Psychologist, the psychological evaluation is a useful tool in assessing the individual’s:

  • Cognitive and learning abilities
  • Intellectual functioning
  • Academic achievement
  • Educational aptitude
  • Perceptual and mental or emotional status


These areas of assessment provide information about rehabilitation needs or for the development of the employment plan. Assessment tools used to gather this information may include, but not limited to the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement. Through standardized clinical assessment tools, evaluators can conduct and interpret academic performance and IQ testing.

Through a structured interview process, psychological evaluators can identify strengths and weaknesses in the areas of cognitive, behavioral, and social/emotional/developmental functioning to help guide recommendations for appropriate academic goals and/or work settings. Additionally, evaluations identify any emotional or mental health issues which may pose a barrier to employment.
ormation for in-person evaluations.
*Psychological evaluations are offered virtually through a structured telehealth interview process, as well as in-person in certain areas. Contact us for location information for in-person evaluations.

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