employU’s Transition Youth Services Program provides self-advocacy training, career preparation training, and work experiences for students ages 14-22 that meet eligibility for special education services through either a 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


Customers should receive a referral from Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) to be eligible for services offered by employU. For Transition Youth Services, there are two routes students can take. Through the Pre-ETS program, students can be referred to Vocational Rehabilitation by by their school district for limited pre-employment services.

Traditional Vocational Rehabilitation customers are eligible for the full range of pre-employment services including Vocational Evaluations. To apply as a traditional customer, use the VR Office Directory to locate the VR office nearest you. Inform the VR representative that you are interested in receiving VR services and they will help you determine what to do next.


Students may receive services by having school personnel submit a referral through the Pre-ETS portal. Many Florida schools have been provided a Pre-ETS web portal to facilitate the delivery of student services. Once the information has been entered into the portal, the student will be contacted by the Vocational Rehabilitation Youth tech within a few days. Although not eligible for all of the Vocational Rehabilitation services through the Pre-ETS program, students will be immediately available for services employU offers such as Pre-Employment Training Program, Self-Advocacy Training Program and the On The Job Training Paid Work Experience.

If a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor determines the student eligible for additional services, they will explain the details at the initial meeting. For more information, contact us a (407) 598-0202 and we can walk you through the steps.


For our traditional transition clients, employU conducts interviews with the client and their parent or guardian to gain insight into their disabilities and how it impacts their daily lives. Interest inventory testing is administered to determine the client’s areas of vocational interest. The information gathered is then analyzed to:

  • Determine if an On-the-Job-Training (OJT) opportunity would be a good fit for the client
  • Discover which types of vocational settings and job duties would likely promote a positive outcome
  • Identify reasonable accommodations, specific to the client’s unique needs


Academic testing is offered upon request to students who are rising seniors or currently enrolled in their senior year of high school to gain insight into the feasibility of future academic opportunities such as vocational/apprenticeship programs or a traditional college track.

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