employU is a nonprofit disability employment service empowering customers with the knowledge, connections, and confidence required to embark on a new sustainable career.

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Fostering relationships is vital to our success. Everyone we serve is important and every connection we make brings us closer to our goals. We truly appreciate each participant for letting us go along with them on their journey.


Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Whether it is with a customer, business partner or agency partner, we emphasize consistent communication to build foundations for beneficial outcomes.


We take great pride in the people that make employU. Our family has the passion that drives us to get up early and leave late. We live for the wins and we revel in overcoming the challenges. Our passion carries with us in all that we do.

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Join Us for Shopability with ConnectableJax!

employU is proud to partner with ConnectableJax in an exciting initiative called Shopability Saturday.  The event takes place citywide in Jacksonville on Saturday, March 6th. Shopability Saturday celebrates inclusiveness by urging support for local businesses that employ people with Autism, Down syndrome, and other intellectual and developmental differences (IDDs).  These local businesses have learned that […]

A Passion for Helping Animals – Selena’s Story

Selena is an employU client with a passion for animals and a strong desire to become a vet tech. She also had goals of being financially independent and being able to move out on her own while supporting herself.  Upon hearing Selena’s passion and goals, her Transition Coordinator Leita Strickland got to work.   Selena began […]

ADORE Yourself with employU Peer Mentor Elektra

employU peer mentor Elektra has some great advice for youth clients learning to navigate the challenges that come with transitioning into the adult world.  And, with a little creativity, she’s made it super easy to remember by using the word adore as an acronym.  Read more on the details of ADORE and check out Elekra’s […]