The Self-Advocacy Workshop and Pre-Employment Training are funded by Florida’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). If you would like to participate, start by contacting your VR counselor. 


employU staff of skilled and experienced Vocational Professionals and have a passion to help customers become employed at the right job. Each Employment Specialist proactively customizes the job search for each customer. Our team strives to provide every customer multiple opportunities to interview at companies that match their career goals. They work one-on-one to ensure every customer has the greatest chance of success.

Once a customer has been hired, employU’s Employment Specialists and Job Coaches team up to offer them the required level of support. If requested, coaches will accompany customers during the employer training period to ensure they are instructed in a way that matches how a customer best processes information. The employU team will maintain consistent communication with both the customer and the supervisor to track progress and address challenges. Support is maintained for the duration of the adjustment period of 3-5 months, depending on a customer’s needs.

What Does an Employment Specialist Do?
  • Guiding you on your career path journey
    • Helping you discover career options based on your interests and skills
    • Creating and optimizing your resume
    • Assisting you with practicing for interviews
    • Accompanying you to interviews


  • Providing on-going support after you are hired
    • Providing onsite support during your job orientation
    • Providing onsite support and job coaching to help you acclimate to your new job
    • Advocating on your behalf


Getting hired at the right job takes time and preparation. During the pre-employment training phase, customers will gain valuable skills to set them up for a successful job-hunting experience.

Resume Building

Learn how to structure a resume that matches what employers are looking for.

Find the Right Job Fit

Learn multiple job search methods to find the right job.

Submitting Applications

Overcome today’s challenges with applications and personality assessments.

Interviewing Skills

Learn how to interview professionally and gain confidence in your presentation skills.


Walk away with valuable relationships with our staff and other customers.

We also offer virtual Pre-Employment Training classes. Click below for more information.

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