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You may just be starting out with employment services, and if so, wondering what that process looks like. The graphic below is a quick overview to  give you a better understanding of how you become an employU customer and what happens once you do.

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Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is a federal-state program that helps people who have physical or mental disabilities get or keep a job. Visit rehabworks.org to find a local office. Select the directory tab and click on the map.

Or click below to get started with VR.

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Your path to employment starts with VR
Enrollment - In order to get started with employment services through employU, customers must first enroll with Vocational Rehabilitation. employU can assist with enrollment by submitting the electronic application on your behalf. Once VR receives your application, they will begin processing and reach out when it is time to meet with them for next steps.
Decision - Every individual has a unique set of circumstances which must be reviewed carefully by VR to determine eligibility. Some situations may take longer than others, so be sure to communicate with your VR counselor about their decision process. Timely submissions of documentation and other paperwork requested of you will help the counselor move the process along in your case.
Plan - Your VR counselor will help you write your Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). Your IPE will include the job goal that you and your counselor agree on, VR services that you will receive, things you will do to get ready to go to work, and the amount of money you will contribute for your services, if any.
Vendor Referral - Some VR services are delivered by your counselor and others by vendors. As an employment vendor for VR customers, employU is structured as a one-stop-shop offering adult employment services, youth programs, employability trainings, paid work experience, and a variety of assessments. Our services enhance a customer’s ability to successfully achieve independence by establishing a lifelong career.
Employment Services - If you choose employU as a provider, your VR counselor will send a referral. Once employU receives your referral from your VR counselor, your employment services can begin. You will be contacted for an intake where you can discuss your job goals and plan of action with your employU Employment Specialist and/or Job Coach.
Success - Measuring success is different for every individual. For adults who have worked for between 3- 5 months, you and your counselor will discuss closing your case with VR if you feel comfortable that you can maintain your job without any further assistance. For students in the transition program, you can continue to receive services until you are ready to move into the adult program and establish a permanent career.

Our Other Partners

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ADEN is an approved Employment Network operating under Social Security’s Ticket to Work program. Visit americandreamen.org for eligibility requirements.


Visit apdcares.org to apply for services. It is highly recommended to get on the wait list as employU services can begin once the application has been accepted.

employU Programs and Services

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Virtual Services

Now offering services from the comfort of your own home.

  • Vocation Evaluations
  • WIPA Services
  • Pre-Employment Training Workshops for Adult customers
  • Self-Advocacy and Work Readiness Training for Youth Customers
  • Career Camps
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Adult Employment Services

  • Employment Training: Learn how to become a professional job seeker
  • Job Placement: We will help you find the right job fit.
  • Job Retention: Our job coaches will assist you to ensure you have a mentor.
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Transition Youth Program

  • Work Readiness Training: Learn what employers look for and how to find the right job for you.
  • Self Advocacy: We will teach you how to start the path towards independence.
  • Paid Work-Based Learning: Earn money while you learn different types of jobs, gain valuable skills and connections.
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Vocational & Psychological Evaluations

Explore your work interests, discover your aptitudes and skills, and formulate a career plan.

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Ticket to Work and C-WIP

  • Decrease reliance on SSI and/or SSDI by finding full time work.
  • Receive work incentives counseling, career planning and placement, as well as work accommodations.


  • For the first time, we found ourselves in need of a job coach for our disabled grandson. We needed someone who specialized in assisting him to learn and accurately carry out his job duties. A job coach is allowed on the job site to coach on the premises.  They are also able to explain to management personnel how to best assist him to success.

    We vetted 3 companies referred to us by Agency for Persons with Disabilities before we decided on employU.  We felt they could best meet our grandson's needs.

    Our job coach, Jernice has met our expectations.  She attends meetings, and provides real-time feedback to us to ensure we are all on the same page.  Her passion for assisting our grandson is recognized by all.

    We highly recommend employU to anyone who is considering career coaching to enhance their career.  They are very beneficial and can gain access and insight where family members cannot.

    Thanks for all that you do!!

    Guardian of employU clientGuardian of employU client
  • "I was being discriminated  for my hearing disability at a previous employer. I was so upset and stressed about my employment. So that's when [VR] introduced me to Susan Marino. She has been a true blessing and still remains [in communication] with me with assisting me with my current position... [She has] been there for me for so many things. I appreciate [her] in so many ways...There are no words to express the gratitude I have."
    Nicole A., Adult ClientNicole A., Adult Client
  • "Susan maintains a competent and professional demeanor in dealing with her clients and the public. She is very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. Susan answered all my son's questions promptly and accurately. She always follows through and finds the answers to any questions and reports back to her clients promptly. Susan has excellent customer service. She is able to troubleshoot and solves all work-related problems quickly and efficiently."
    Diane T,. Mother of employU clientDiane T,. Mother of employU client
  • "This was my first time doing a virtual class and it was pretty fun. Usually I'm not the type of person to really talk that much in the classrooms but I ended up talking a LOT more than I expected. Ashley was very detailed with her wording and also made things easier for my mind. All of my questions were answered and I feel hyped to find a job and improve myself even more."
    Adult Virtual Class StudentAdult Virtual Class Student
  • "I found [the virtual class] to be very helpful and informative. A lot better than I expected. "
    Adult Virtual Class StudentAdult Virtual Class Student
  • "employU is really well rounded and sees the complete picture of employment. Thank you for appointing Anthony to serve as my son Brandon’s Employment Specialist. When we started the process with employU it was amazing from the beginning to the end. Anthony was kind and patient with Brandon and assisted him with his paperwork, job coaching and even asked about Brandon’s passions to get a 'right fit' for employment. Anthony assured me that he would find him the right job because the sky was the limit for Brandon."
    Mother of employU client BrandonMother of employU client Brandon
  • "I am happy to share with you that [employU employment specialist] Ms. Novak found a job for me which I began this past Saturday, and I can honestly say that the job seems well suited to my needs as well as my personality. I can not speak highly enough about the dedication Ms. Novak demonstrated...”
    Mark, Adult ClientMark, Adult Client
  • "Ms. Hollimon has ...been successful in advocating for Gabrielle to secure a volunteer opportunity at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). This is a great opportunity for Gabrielle to acquire much-needed training, in that Gabrielle desires to eventually work as a Veterinary Assistant. We are very pleased with the quality of service Ms. Hollimon and employU has consistently provided. Hopefully, Gabrielle’s journey will serve to inspire others."
    Angela J., Mother of an employU ClientAngela J., Mother of an employU Client
  • "Just a note to let you know of your great employee, Jennifer Vickery. She is such a joy to work with. She always follows through with things and is great at helping parents like myself with returning phone calls, etc. It is employees like her that make your company shine! I always know when I don’t understand something she is there to help! My grandson, Noah, has been with your company just shy of two years. He loves going to work and has grown so much. Thanks for everything and my best to Jennifer."
    -Margaret L., grandparent of an employU client-Margaret L., grandparent of an employU client
  • “My husband and I want to give you the most profound thanks for all your help and willingness for this new challenge in Osvaldo’s life. Thank you because it was not only beneficial to Osvaldo but in my own life too. We are very grateful for everything we have learned. You were a great inspiration for my husband and I. You are awesome, thank you, thank you!! We give you a 100+”
    Marjorie, Spouse of Osvaldo, Virtual Class StudentMarjorie, Spouse of Osvaldo, Virtual Class Student

employU is an approved vendor with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and we are happy to serve VR’s customers.
employU is a CARF accredited organization