employU prides itself in having a family atmosphere where teamwork and relationships are valued. Moreover, when you become a part of the team at employU, you will be making significant life-changing impact in the lives of disabled youth and adults across Florida.

employU is an Equal Opportunity Employer: We value a diverse workforce and the promotion of inclusive culture at all levels. We do not discriminate against any employee or qualified applicant for employment from all qualified individuals on the basis of age, race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, marital or familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, sex, disability, socio-economic position, religion, political belief, protected genetic information, military or veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable Federal or State law.

Open Positions

Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for the positions. We look forward to welcoming you to our team! If you need to reach our HR team, please contact us recruiting@employu.org.

Positions in the *Spotlight*

Vocational Evaluator

The Vocational Evaluator works in our Vocational Evaluations Department in a client facing role. The Vocational Evaluator assesses the client through interview, formal assessments, and work observation to identify individual strengths and needs. The goal of the evaluation process is to holistically assess the client’s abilities, interests and aptitudes, while considering any barriers to employment which may be present, to develop a professional clinical report to address and recommend appropriate and attainable vocational and/or educational options.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

The Licensed Clinical Psychologist performs evaluations and makes client treatment recommendations. Job duties including performing psychological evaluations to produce client-centered individualized reports for Vocational Rehabilitation clients, providing clients with academic and IQ testing instruments such as WAIS and Woodcock-Johnson, and making appropriate treatment recommendations and creates client treatment plans.

Youth Employment Specialist

The Youth Employment Specialist is a direct service provider to all assigned clients responsible for fulfilling Work Based Learning referrals. They communicate directly with referred clients, the client’s supports and with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors to build relationships and properly fulfill the client’s goals. The Youth Employment Specialist coordinates and communicates with the Lead Youth Employment Specialist to discuss placements and activity, attends team planning meetings, reviews payroll for clients, and ensures case notes and deliverables are submitted promptly.

Job Coach of Vocational Services

The Job Coach will support the Employment Specialist position to assist individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain employment. The Job Coach will help find employment opportunities that are suitable for a client, support the client in following up on job applications, attending interviews, aid in the training of the client and will provide transportation for the client as needed.

employU Employee Benefits

Full-Time (30+ hours per week)

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance available
  • Basic Life Insurance paid for by employU
  • 401(k)
  • PTO
  • Paid Holidays
  • EAP
  • Voluntary Benefits through Colonial Insurance
  • Voluntary Pet Insurance

Part-Time Class I
(15-29 hours per week)

  • Dental, Vision Insurance available
  • 401(k)
  • PTO
  • Paid Holidays
  • EAP
  • Voluntary Pet Insurance

Part-Time Class II
(Less than 15 hours per week)

  • 401(k)
  • EAP
  • Voluntary Pet Insurance


Does employU have remote positions?

Yes, employU hires some remote employees, however, the position would need to meet specific criteria to be eligible.

Does employU offer flexible schedules to improve work/life balance?

employU understands the importance of offering employees a career that enables them to balance their responsibilities at home with their work responsibilities. Depending upon the position, employU offers employees as much flexibility in their career as possible.

What is the pay schedule?

employU pays employees on a weekly basis each Friday.

Does employU offer direct deposit?

employU offers direct deposit which offers convenience to employees.

What is the training program like?

The training program for each position is different, but typically training entails job shadowing, working with an experienced employee, and taking e-learning training courses.

When would I be eligible for benefits?

Employees who are eligible for benefits are eligible on the first of the month following 60 days of employment.

How will I know how well I’m performing my job at employU?

employU has a structured annual performance evaluation process that enables company leaders to convey performance information to employees.

How well does employU communicate with employees?

employU strives to keep employees informed by hosting quarterly meetings in which our Executive Director and Program Directors convey how well the company is doing as well as how each program is performing. During these meetings, we have team building exercises and it’s an opportunity to get to know other team members better.

Messages From Our Staff

  • "I am still pretty new but already am amazed at how involved everyone is... I wanted so badly to be a part of employU the first time I saw anything about it and so happy I got the shot.  What an amazing program to have for people in all communities built from all of you.  So thankful. "
  • "Not only are you getting the opportunity to help people change their life, but our staff are rewarded for the work that they do. Management has great respect for the employees and will do what it takes to help staff succeed. "
  • "If you are wanting to work for a company that likes to have fun, helps people and has potential for growth, apply!"
  • "It is a rewarding job in so many ways, both personally and professionally. You meet some awesome people and can feel really good about helping them to reach their goals and improve their lives."
  • "The culture is great! The environment is incredibly empowering and the core values of the company align with mine. It's a pleasure to work for a company that is growing in the right directions and takes care of their employees. employU provides a relaxed and productive atmosphere, flexibility, positive values, commitment to excellence, cooperation, support and motivation."
  • "I am proud of our company. To see where we started and where we are now is amazing. Our staff are passionate and professional and work very hard for their customers. I have never worked for a company that brings me such happiness."
  • "I have had a great experience here at employU. Great group of hard-working and caring people that are trying to make a difference and improve the lives of clients and staff. "
  • "My experience has been nothing but positive. I feel appreciated and I respect my co-workers. Feels like the entire employu family is doing the best they can to provide quality services. "
  • "In my entire career, employU is by far the best company I have ever worked for. I love the support, friendship and the fact that we can have over 100 employees and pretty much be a no drama company. Staff have the opportunity to advance and grow and the passion that our staff have when working with their clients is mind blowing. "
  • "I enjoy working with employU, I feel that I am appreciated for my work."
  • "I love my job and working for a great company. I have the freedom to do my job without being micro-managed or questioned on decisions I make. employu challenges me, gives me independence, flexibility, motivation, satisfaction and requires me to grow. "
  • "employU is a really great place to work. The flexibility I have to create my own schedule is an incredible advantage that I have not had anywhere else. My experience with the staff have all been positive. I can see how passionate everyone is for their work and that really inspires me and keeps me motivated. Management does a great job at recognizing employee achievements and celebrates your success. I couldn't ask for a better work environment!"
  • "Employees are treated professionally and with respect. I love what we do for our clients, we help people. "
  • "As a company as a whole I feel like I am blessed to have found such an amazing company to work for! I am thankful for each day and look forward to seeing the growth this company accomplishes. I am determined to make this company my forever home and I rave about how awesome my company is to everyone that is willing to hear! "
  • "Management is always there to listen and help. "
  • "I couldn't be happier with my working environment as I travel frequently and have flexibility with my schedule."
  • "I love my job and the clients I have an opportunity to meet. We are certainly making a difference within our communities."
  • "I love my job and the clients I have an opportunity to meet. We are certainly making a difference within our communities."
  • "So proud to be part of this company. Love how they help people find employment so their lives can be better. "
  • " I [am] grateful for all that employU has done to help me grow and I feel very comfortable with the people I work with."

employU is an approved vendor with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and we are happy to serve VR’s customers.
employU is a CARF accredited organization
employU is a Veteran Safe Place