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Work Readiness Trainings and Self-Advocacy Trainings are funded by Florida’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). If you would like to participate, start by contacting your VR counselor. 

Youth Classes and Trainings


employU Work Readiness Training prepares students with practical skills they will need to enter the workforce. Each 20-hour workshop is designed to help students identify possible career interests, set and track goals, develop communication and conflict resolution skills, build a resume and cover letter, learn the dos and don’ts of interviewing including practicing interview skills, how to be a good employee, explore transportation options, and develop budgeting skills. These sessions include:


    Our favorite part of the Employment Preparation Class is that we get to know our students on a personal level. Once we form a mutual respect, we find the process becomes much easier and allows us to predict behavior that we can plan for.


    Students set goals and learn how to be accountable to those goals. This is often a life-changing lesson.


    Instructors provide an overview of a resume and what employers look for. They also teach them how to add to their resume so that it becomes stronger as their experience grows.


    There is more than just the internet to search for jobs. In fact, the internet is one of the least effective ways people find employment. Our instructors will teach methods designed to not just get a job but to get the job the student wants.


    In today’s tech-savvy world, most employment applications are online. These applications are also often combined with long, grueling assessments. If not completed properly, these applications can be discarded, and many employers will never have the opportunity to review it with human eyes. During our classes, we provide tips on how to score well on these assessments to make sure each student is considered for their next job.


    Most job seekers today do not spend adequate time preparing and practicing for interviews, often resulting in prolonged periods of unemployment. This is why the majority of class time is dedicated to interview skills and strategies. In our Employment Training Class, we explore customized answers to commonly asked interview. Students can then practice their newly learned skills during mock interview sessions designed to simulate even the most stressful situations to prepare them for real-world interviews.


Self-Advocacy Training is a two-part program designed to provide guidance on building a path to independence. Participants will conclude their training with several job ready takeaways such as resumes, references, a cover letter and letters of recommendations.


Much of the program is spent on what is appropriate when on the job. Many participants are not experienced and they often find it difficult to determine what is appropriate when working. Role playing methods are used to develop conflict resolutions and decision making skills. Many students just have to understand the difference between work and social life and this program helps teach that.


Gain a “behind the scenes” look into future career choices. Our trainers will navigate a tour of area businesses to provide an observation and also an insight into these jobs by talking with real staff members onsite.


Have the confidence to speak for themselves

Effectively communicate their needs and feelings​

Understand positive thinking, attitude, and goals​

Have a clear picture of their skills and interests​

Walk away with a professional resume


Getting hired at the right job takes time and preparation. During the pre-employment training phase, customers will gain valuable skills to set them up for a successful job-hunting experience.

Resume Building

Learn how to structure a resume that matches what employers are looking for.

Find the Right Job Fit

Learn multiple job search methods to find the right job.

Submitting Applications

Overcome today’s challenges with applications and personality assessments.

Interviewing Skills

Learn how to interview professionally and gain confidence in your presentation skills.


Walk away with valuable relationships with our staff and other customers.

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