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24 hours ago


For most people, the process of finding a job is walking store to store asking for an application or endless hours online searching the web on sites like Indeed. For others, the idea of finding a job can seem more impossible than climbing Mt. Everest. But, with the right supports and desire, anyone can find the perfect job. ⁠

Discovery and Customized Employment are 2 supports offered by Vocational Rehabilitation and provided by employU. Discovery is a process of getting to know the client on a much more personal level. Diving deep into their life to find their interests, skills, abilities, and desires and CREATING a job around them. ⁠

We engage with them in the community to see how they interact with others, how they learn new skills, what makes them happy to be somewhere. With that information, we build a profile of 3 potential career paths. The difference is we don't identify these paths as specifically as typical job seekers. For example, rather than a teacher career path, we look for one "working with children". ⁠

Once we find these paths, its job creation time! This is where customized employment comes in. We meet with businesses that would fit into our client’s path, observe their daily operations, and see how our client can fit into them. We try to show how our client can focus on specific tasks that might have originally been split amongst other staff so they can direct their time to the main duties they have been assigned. It's a win win for everyone, including the business!⁠

This program is for individuals that will not be successful with standard job searches or those that cannot perform all aspects of a job description. Click here to learn more about our Discovery program and to meet one of our discovery clients😀: employu.org/2021/06/09/discovering-a-new-way-to-find-a-career/ #employingabilities #disabilityemployment

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2 days ago


Meet Caitlin. She in 22 years old living in a group home in Vero Beach and horses are her life🐎⁠

She is currently a part of our Discovery program and during her first meeting with her employU Discovery Specialist, she talked all about her love of horses. Caitlin took riding lessons when she was younger and has had a desire to work with horses since she was a little girl. ⁠

As part of the process, her Discovery Specialist took her to a horse boarding facility to see if working with and around horses would be something that she could do. When the car turned into the gate of the farm, she opened up and began asking tons of questions! ⁠

For this first outing, Caitlin got a taste of everything that goes on in a boarding stable. With supports from the barn staff, she was shown how to muck the stalls, sweep the barn floor, replace the straw, and feed and water each stall. She was also shown how to move around the horse and dos/donts when near a horse. Finally, Caitlin then learned how to properly bathe and groom a horse.⁠

Caitlin did an awesome job so from here, the employU Customized Employment Specialist will have a clear direction to begin looking for businesses that can’t continue without Caitlin as part of their team!⁠

We offer Discovery Services for clients who need more support. These services allow us to work with them more in depth and find employers who can create a specialized position just for them!⁠

Click here to learn more😀: employu.org/supported-employment/
#employingabilities ⁠#disabilityemployment

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5 days ago


Dana came to employU in search of a part-time position in an office. Dana participated in an 8-week OJT with Express Employment Professionals in Port St. Lucie and impressed owner Mike and office manager Karen so much, they offered her a job!⁠

"Our experience with employU allowed us to support a terrific organization that helps those that may seem unemployable. In the process we found a jewel in Dana who quickly proved her worth. So much so that we asked her to become part of our team.⁠

All too often we see employers overlook valuable talent just because the person who applies or is recommended for a job doesn’t fit neatly into a job description. ⁠" -Mike, owner Express Employment Professionals ⁠

Express Employment Professionals has supported staffing for over 150 businesses , municipalities, service companies, distribution centers, hospitals, and professional offices on the Treasure Coast. We are happy to have them as business partners and grateful that Dana found a home with them!⁠

employU’s employment services are designed for one-on-one work with clients to help them find the best fit. It's not just a job search, it's about highlighting your strengths and abilities to secure long-term employment that is fulfilling and rewarding. So if you're ready to discover a meaningful career click here so we can help you start that journey today 😃⁠: employu.org/adult-employment-services/ #employingabilities⁠ #disabilityemployment

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6 days ago


Our Executive Director had a blast volunteering at the Nathaniel's Hope Make 'em Smile-Fari event this past weekend! They sent hundreds of cars through Wild Florida Safari and even got to take a trip through themselves!

We love being a nonprofit that gives back💙🧡

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