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18 hours ago

"She never gives up and puts forth 100% effort to conquer her challenges." - Layla's employU job coach, Kyra⁠Layla is a high school student in Port St. Lucie who struggles with anxiety. Completing a paid work based learning experience at Once Upon a Child was her first employment opportunity and she did amazing!⁠Layla started off in the stock room hanging and sorting the incoming merch and once she gained confidence in herself through coaching and support from her employU job coach, Kyra, she relaxed into her role. So much so that she now works with customers and even wants to try cashiering!⁠ #employingabilities⁠Helping our clients conquer their fears, gain independence, and build confidence are just some of the added bonuses for us on top of them finding careers or work experiences they love. If you would like to know more about our programs, click here: hubs.li/Q01nmGxt0 ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Its #internationaldayofsignlanguages 🙌⁠ Did you know we offer ASL interpretation services state wide in Florida?! We understand the need and value in bridging the gap between the deaf/HOH and hearing communities. Find qualified and experienced interpreters in your area for any setting. Learn more here: hubs.li/Q01n31sC0#asl #InternationalDayofSignLanguage #signlanguage ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

"Everything had been moving pretty well, we were adding close to 10 new counties each year and our programs were breaking records. We continued to gain momentum right up until 2020 when Covid hit. ⁠A coworker and I were at a hospitality event when hotel managers told us that their entire year was cancelled in 1 week! No conventions and all reservations gone. It was at that point we realized the world was going to come to a stop for a bit. Our leadership team started meeting daily to navigate everything and stuff was changing by the hour. We made a plan to protect our clients and staff but also to help those that still needed to work. ⁠We made the decision to remodel. There were already some pieces in place to move to a new payroll company, and to revamp our CRM (again!) so we figured if the world is going to shut down then there's no time like the present! These projects kept us busy for the rest of 2020 and some even well into 2021.⁠By summer, things started picking up. The youth team did an amazing job creating virtual classes and camps in attempts to fulfill any services we could. We kept everyone safe, kept all the offices stocked with cleaning supplies and didn't have to lay off a single employee during that time. I'm very proud of how our team handled the entire situation. ⁠Of course it wasn't always easy for us (much like everyone else). In August of 2021, we actually lost one of our own. Brandy Fowler was an employment specialist in Jacksonville and that loss really hit home. I think it brought to light more than ever, the gravity of what we were dealing with. ⁠"⁠employU is like a big family and that makes losing a member tough. We are so grateful that our organization was able to survive and come back stronger after the pandemic when many didn't, but saying goodbye to one of our own will be something we'll never forget.⁠ This will forever be a part of our story.You just read part 8 of our Executive Director's journey to founding this amazing organization. Stay tuned for the final chapter of the story (for now) as we celebrate 10 years of #employingabilities⁠ #employu10 ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Jacob has Autism and dreams of traveling the world. After completing a semester of training at his local university, he became interested in learning more about fermentation and brewing. His employU employment specialist, Evelyn, helped him find a placement as a Master Brewer Assistant!Jacob has been with employU since 2019 and has completed 5 other work based learning experiences that helped him develop great transferrable skills for this new position. At The Half Wall Jacob will get to be hands on as he learns how to make beers and ciders, mill grains, label cans, and the entire brewing process. #employingabilitiesWhat an awesome opportunity right!? Jacob's life inspires us to be more adventurous. He's currently saving for a trip to China and loves going to concerts and on cruises.Your passion is our purpose so if you want to learn more about how we can help you discover yours, click here: hubs.li/Q01mPshm0 ... See MoreSee Less
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