Two More Regional Offices Open

The city of Brandon, Florida is known for their growing economy and beautiful residential areas. Though once considered an alcove of Tampa, Brandon has quickly come into its own. Rapid growth and a low unemployment rate bring a demand for potential employees with trade and skill knowledge. In fact, Hillsborough County as a whole has seen a drop in unemployment, down to 2.7%, and a rise in need for those able to work in the healthcare and hospitality fields.

On the other side of Florida, Key Largo and Monroe County share a very similar issue.  Though Monroe County hasn’t seen as much growth as Hillsborough County has in recent times, they do share a very low unemployment rate and a need for employees who are able to work year-round with skillsets tailored to particular industries; the construction and service industries.

This tight labor market is great news for those who have already acquired these desired skillsets and are looking to re-enter the market. But what about for those who haven’t? This is where employU can help jobseekers and employers alike.

Through partnerships with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the Florida Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and the American Dream Employment Network, employU is able to offer employment services to people with disabilities. Youth programs, adult employment services, assessments, and paid work experience offered by employU can give individuals striving to enter these in-demand fields the skills and experience they need to start new careers.

Local businesses also benefit from the services employU provides to the community. Partnering with employU allows each business partner to experience an enhanced recruitment process with access to a labor market whose skills and abilities match their needs. Three to five months, or longer, of ongoing support is also provided to ensure a high rate (85%) of job retention.

employU has opened local employment service offices in both Brandon and Key Largo to expand its services to the Hillsborough County and Monroe County communities. Anyone interested in learning more about our services in these areas are encouraged to reach out to their area’s local office.