January 20, 2020


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Determined to Take Flight – Jessica’s Story

There are times when reaching our goals requires not only hard work, but patience and time. One of our clients, Jessica, is a great example of how to press on when it comes to achieving your dreams. Jessica had a goal of becoming a flight attendant and, unfortunately, during a time of hardship, Jessica had to resign from her position with Mesa Airlines in Phoenix, Arizona. With the assistance of employU, Jessica was able to find a Ticket Agent position at the Sandford-Orlando airport in March of 2019. Though the position was stressful and there were times when Jessica thought of quitting, she was always able to persevere after talking things through with her employU Employment Specialist. Joyce.

Not only was Jessica adapting to a new job, she was also applying for flight attendant positions in her free time. Putting in time and effort without getting the desired result can be discouraging for anyone. But Jessica started to see these moments as gradual steppingstones that were bringing her closer to her goal. While continuing to work as a ticket agent, Jessica interviewed for and landed a flight attendant position with Spirit Airlines. She is a great example of how determination and hard work can lead to achievement. We wish Jessica all the best on starting this new, exciting chapter!

Photo of Jessica