Drafting the Future He Dreamed Of

David’s story starts in 2012 when he experienced a lay off from his AutoCad job. Though David found work as a Package Handler for FedEx, he never lost sight of his goal to get back into the field he is passionate about, AutoCAD Drafting.  

In an effort to become a more appealing applicant, David decided to go back to school and get a certification in Computer-Aided Drafting.  He completed his certification in 2018 and shortly after was referred to his employment specialist, Joyce, with employU. Though it had been more than 6 years since he had been in the field, David was determined to get back into AutoCAD Drafting.  

With the help of Joyce, David created a resume that highlighted his AutoCAD skills and went on several job interviews.  Though some businesses seemed hesitant to hire a deaf employee, Quanta Utility Engineering worked with him to communicate effectively with their staff and hired him full time at $21 an hour.  

David’s positive attitude and diligence have paid off. He is currently employed in the field he loves and has found an employer who communicates with him effectively. We are truly inspired by David’s determination and the strong work ethic that led to him achieving his dream. 

Photo of David