Determined to Find Her Path: Nicole’s Story

Nicole Making a PizzaFiguring out which career path is right for you is something most of us have gone through. It’s not an easy task and can take some time, effort, and exploration. Nicole knew she wanted to work but wasn’t sure where to get started. Like many of us just starting out in the workforce, she wasn’t sure which field or job would be best suited for her. employU’s Work-Based Learning Experiences are designed as a solution to this very common challenge.  

Nicole’s employU Job Coach, Steven Warren, worked with her on finding an on-the-job training (OJT) that would allow her to gain experience and trial working in a setting with a variety of roles. They landed on employment in a restaurant environment. Originally, Nicole received training as a dishwasher. Though she did well, she felt she wanted to pursue something different by the end of the OJT. With Steven’s help, she next tried housekeeping, and again thrived in the environment, but wasn’t sure it was the right career path for her. These on-the-job trainings were doing exactly what they are designed to do. They allowed Nicole to not only get paid while gaining work experience as she discovered which tasks and positions she could excel at, but she was also able to figure out which work environment and position she would most enjoy.  

For the next OJT, Nicole started working as a lobby attendant at a fast-food restaurant. She worked throughout the pandemic and was even hired at the restaurant after her on-the-job training was completed. Nicole has since grown in her role, taking on additional responsibilities in this fast-paced environment such as taking orders, bagging and distributing to-go items, making beverages, and keeping supplies stocked. She also now operates the cash register. Nicole’s hard work and determination all paid off. Through our On-the-Job Trainings she was able to not only find work but find a workplace she enjoys. For more information on our Work-Based Learning Experience visit