A Turn Towards Success: Lisa’s Story

LisastandingEvery journey has some twists and turns along the way. employU client, Lisa knows this all too well. Lisa worked successfully in Social Services prior to completing her BS in Human Services in 2016. From there, she worked as a Case Manager. But in February of 2018, Lisa’s journey would take a turn she was not expecting. After experiencing a stroke, Lisa left her job and moved in with family. After some difficulties and another hospital visit, she spent the next couple of years living in hotels, shelters, and even, at times, sleeping at bus stops while waiting for SSI approval. Once approved for SSI, Lisa stayed in hotels and was able to eventually purchase a van. Living in the van, Lisa applied for services through Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and was referred to employU in March of this year.  

Lisa’s Employment Specialist, Joyce, was determined to help her find a job that was a great fit. Given Lisa’s background in case management, most companies were interested in Lisa continuing within that field. Due to the stressful nature of the industry, Lisa was looking to change fields and start a position that would allow her to take better care of her health.  Joyce assured Lisa that there was a job out there for her and that they would find it together.  

Since Lisa was open to working overnight, Joyce helped her apply for an opening as an overnight Front Desk Attendant at the Sand Key Club, Clearwater. Lisa was hired! With mixed feelings of nerves and excitement, Lisa was ready for her journey to take a turn for the better with this new opportunity. She worked hard to fulfill her job duties, including making hourly checks of the facility to ensure all is well. This includes going up on the open roof to make sure everything is secure and that the systems and equipment are operating properly.  Though nervous about going on the roof in the beginning due to her vertigo, Lisa was determined to continue. She was not only able to adjust to being on the roof after just a week, but now genuinely enjoys this part of her job.  

Lisa’s journey then took another positive turn. Just a month after starting at the Sand Key Club, she was able to rent an apartment nearby and move out of her van. Knowing Lisa would still need furniture for her new home, Joyce connected her with organizations to assist her in furnishing her new apartment and truly making it her own space. Lisa’s journey is definitely one of success and determination that inspires us all. For more information on employU’s Adult Employment Services visit https://employu.org/adult-employment-services/