New Place, New Journey: Tyler’s Story

Tyler at workTyler is a high school student who recently moved from Alabama with his mom. Wanting Tyler to get involved in activities around their new home, she mentioned employU’s Transition Youth Program to Tyler. Eager to find his first job opportunity, Tyler thought this would be a great chance to explore his options. Like many teens around his age, Tyler was unsure of what career field he may be interested in.   

Upon meeting his job coach, Kelly, Tyler explained that he was interested in gaining work experience and exploring possible career avenues. Hearing this, Kelly set Tyler up with a Wok-Based Learning Experience (WBLE) at Stuart Web Inc. employU’s Work-Based Learning Experiences are hands-on job trainings that allow students to gain both industry and transferrable skills while getting paid. These Work-Based Learning Experiences typically last between six to eight weeks, making them perfect for participants looking to “try on” several different industries, positions, and fields. Students often participate in multiple Work-Based Learning Experiences over time in order to explore and discover different possible career paths to figure out which path may be best for them.  

Throughout his time at Stuart Web Inc., Tyler experienced personal growth in several areas. With the support and encouragement of Kelly, he was able to develop job skills and gain confidence. With his increased confidence, Tyler has been able to overcome several challenges, including asserting himself in the workplace and communicating with his managers and coworkers.  

Successfully completing his WBLE, Tyler told Kelly that he is very proud of his accomplishments and hopes to return and participate in another WBLE. He is excited to explore more industries and positions and can’t wait to see what’s next on his employment journey. We’re excited to see where Tyler’s career journey will lead too! For more information on our Paid Work-Based Learning Experiences visit