Taking the Initiative: Amanda’s Story

Taking the Initiative: Amanda’s Story

Amanda and her husband at workBefore coming to employU, Amanda worked on a farm for several years. After encountering numerous health issues and undergoing surgery, she was having trouble finding meaningful employment. When she was referred to employU for employment services, she met with her Employment Specialist, Steven, to discuss different employment goals, needs, options, and opportunities that she would be interested in. During this meeting, Steven mentioned that he knew of a hotel, the Holiday Inn, nearby that may have opportunities matching her employment needs and goals 

That day, after meeting with Amanda, Steven stopped by the Holiday Inn and to speak with the manager, Vicki. He gave her some background on Amanda’s employment history and qualifications and discussed the possibility of Amanda working at the hotel. Amanda then took the initiative. She followed up with both Vicki and Steven about any possible opportunities the Holiday Inn may have for work. Knowing that Amanda was the client Steven had discussed with her earlier, Vicki decided to give Amanda a chance and hired her. 

Amanda took that chance as an opportunity to give her all to succeed at her new job. She has consistently excelled at the Holiday Inn and Steven has received constant positive feedback about Amanda from both Vicki and the front desk manager, Cindy. Vicki even ended up hiring David, Amanda’s husband, to work part-time! Now the two work together as a team and exceed expectations.  

Hardworking and motivated, Amanda continues to be diligent in her work and sometimes works every day of the week when possible. Her efforts and work ethic don’t go unnoticed. Amanda was recently named employee of the month and Vicki comments that she is grateful to have such a wonderful employee onboard. To learn more about our adult employment services visit https://employu.org/adult-employment-services/ or contact us using the form below.  

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