Determined to Shine: Tony’s Story

Determined to Shine: Tony’s Story

Barbara and Tony

At employU, we understand the value of finding the right career match for each individual. Offering services that are tailored to each job seeker’s interests, strengths, and circumstances, we take the time to find the right fit to ensure long-term success. Employment Specialist, Barbara did just that with employU client, Tony. 

Tony had been looking for permanent employment for quite some time. With a few different on-the-job trainings (OJTs) under his belt, he knew he had varied job experience, but had not found the right workplace or position yet.  With a happy and vibrant personality, Tony refused to give up and continued working with Barbara to find a career that was right for him. 

Barbara worked with Tony to not only determine his strengths, but also find a work environment where Tony could shine.  Knowing Tony’s personality and skillset was perfect for food service, Barbara set out to find the perfect restaurant. 

During this time, Barbara made a connection with Longhorn Steakhouse’s manager and team. They welcomed Tony and several other employU clients on as OJT candidates. Excited to try new things with Barbara by his side, Tony began his OJT. Barbara worked with Tony over the course of several weeks, supplying job coaching along with positive reinforcement to ensure success.  

Soon it became clear that Tony had found his right fit for employment. He thrived within the supportive environment at Longhorn and was truly happy to be there. After his OJT was completed, Tony was hired permanently. He now works back of house at Longhorn Steakhouse as a silverware roller. He works within a team environment, assembling the silverware and napkin rolls while also ensuring the silverware rolling station is adequately stocked with all of the necessary supplies. He also must know and follow proper sanitation guidelines to keep his work area, supplies, and equipment clean and safe. 

Tony never wavered in his determination and with an Employment Specialist like Barbara by his side, he had everything he needed to find a work environment where he could truly shine.  For more information on our employment services visit or contact us below.  

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