Taking Steps on the Path of Her Dreams: Jesse’s Story

Taking Steps on the Path of Her Dreams: Jesse’s Story

Jesse at workJesse is a recent high school graduate who loves horses and other large animals. While in school, she volunteered at a local equestrian center, helping to groom and care for the animals. Though Jesse knew she wanted to pursue a career that involved caring for animals, she found it challenging to get her foot in the door, and start the career path of her dreams, with limited work experience. 

Jesse’s Employment Specialist, Barbara, thought an on-the-job training (OJT) at the Jacksonville Humane Society would be a great way for Jesse to gain experience in the field she loved. Jesse worked with Barbara to learn the job duties of the position. Having her there to answer any questions gave Jesse a boost of confidence. Barbara was also able to engage in conversation with Jesse’s co-workers, giving them the space to talk about ways to be an effective team member. “When your client is learning, the importance of listening and acknowledging promotes unconditional growth opportunity,” explains Barbara. 

After completing her eight-week OJT, Jesse was eager to find a permanent position that allowed her to care for animals. Striving for independence, Jesse started looking for a job she may enjoy, with Barbara’s help.  When they came across the job opening for a Resort Associate at Pet Paradise, Jesse and Barbara knew it would be a great fit. Jesse was able to use her experience working with animals at the Jacksonville Humane Society when applying and interviewing for the position at Pet Paradise. Soon after interviewing, she received and accepted the job offer.  

Jesse is thrilled to be working at her dream job and enjoys coming to work each day. She enjoys the variety of ways she gets to help care for animals. From cleaning to feeding, grooming, and playing, there is never a dull moment. In her words “It is fun! I like doing laundry and my job is work and play.” For more information on our adult employment services visit https://employu.org/adult-employment-services/  

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