Determination Paves the Way to Success: Noah’s Story

Determination Paves the Way to Success: Noah’s Story

Noah is an employU client with a vibrant personality and a long list of accomplishments. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, spina bifida, intellectual delay, and speech impairment, he is no stranger to overcoming challenges. But Noah’s constant determination and support of his family have allowed him to prove to the world what he can do.  

Not only is he an accomplished equestrian who has competed across the state winning dozens of competitions through Special Olympics and 4H, in more recent years, Noah has begun learning various musical instruments. He started with piano lessons but quickly lost interest. He found his passion when he picked up a pair of drumsticks. 

Currently, Noah is taking part in employU’s Discovery Services to help him find which career path would be the best option for him to be successful. As part of this service, his Discovery Specialist, Jeff, arranged for Noah to play drums with the Fort Pierce Jazz Society. (Watch the video below to see Noah play!) 

When it comes to employment, Noah requires full support when working on tasks. He has limited mobility and physical disabilities. His speech is highly impacted, making it a challenge for others to understand his needs and requests. Through his Discovery Process, it has been found that the skills Noah has gained would be suited for volunteering within the community. This also aligns with Noah’s love for helping others and being a part of the community. For employment, a customized job would allow him to complete tasks with support. Whichever path Noah chooses, Jeff is certain Noah will find success, “Noah has always had determination and never let anything get in his way.”  

For more information on our Discovery Program click here.  

Watch the video below to see Noah play with the Fort Pierce Jazz Society. 

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