November 13, 2023


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We Are Growing!

We Are Growing

In the past year, the increase in demand for employees and skilled workers has become apparent. With labor shortages affecting businesses in every industry, finding the right fit for job seekers has become more important than ever. Businesses and employees both benefit from these vacant positions not only being filled, but being filled with new hires who are in it for the long run. This is where employU can help. 

Over the past 11 years, employU has provided long-term employment solutions for job seekers, businesses, and local communities across the state of Florida. Now bringing its services to the Tampa Bay and Florida Panhandle areas, employU has expanded services to St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach. As a one-stop-shop for disability employment services, employU offers services both virtually and in-person.

Services Include:

  • Vocational Evaluations 
  • Psychological Evaluations 
  • Virtual Adult Pre-Employment Training
  • In-person Adult Job Placement and Job Coaching
  • Transition Youth Career Exploration Services – Paid Work-Based Learning Experiences, Career Camps, Self-Advocacy Classes, and Work Readiness Workshops 


With employU, it’s more than a job search. The goal is to find the career opportunities that best suit our customers and provide the resources and support needed to facilitate long-term, sustainable employment. At the same time, we also aim to aid businesses in finding employees who add value to their workforce. “It’s not just a job search, it’s a support system that helps identify a person’s strength and abilities to secure long-term employment that is fulfilling and rewarding,” explains Executive Director, Keith Bourkney.

Employers may also find solutions through employU’s services. A risk-free way to fill the gaps within their workforce, our on-the-job training programs give host businesses the opportunity to have employU customers work for their business and gain experience while employU pays the wages. Additionally, ongoing support is also part of the program. With an employU Job Coach checking in with the customer and their supervisor, businesses and customers can rest assured that they will have help addressing any challenges if needed.

Excited to expand into these areas, we are ready to continue fostering and strengthening an inclusive workforce through our variety of tailored services.

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