Your Path to Employment

The Interview


For most people, the most nerve-wrecking part of the entire job-seeking process is the interview. The key to overcoming this - preparation. If you are prepared, you will be more comfortable and make a better connection with the hiring manager. After all, experts tell us that most hires are based on chemistry, and chemistry is simply how you interact with the interviewer. When you are prepared, you will be more relaxed and confident, allowing the interviewer to see you for who you truly are.

Your preparation will show in the first five minutes of an interview and includes:

  • What you brought with you to the interview
  • How you are dressed and your general appearance and
  • How you act

By preparing for the interview, you will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are willing to go the extra mile if you are hired for the job. Remember, how you prepare for the job is often seen as how you would work in the job.


Tips and guidelines for preparing for the interview

Everything from how to dress, to what to eat (or better yet, avoid eating) before the interview, to how to answer questions can be found in an extensive tip sheet created in your NextJob account. Be sure to check it out to make the most out of your shot of landing the job.


Get some practice in

As the saying goes - practice makes perfect. Your employU job coach will help you practice your interview skills and get you ready for that much-awaited moment, but in the meantime you can get in some virtual practice sessions with NextJob's interactive interview tool. In this virtual session, you can record your responses to some of the most common - easy and difficult - interview questions. A virtual "hiring manager" will ask you the series of questions and then you can playback your responses. The more comfortable you get answering these questions, the better off you will be when the time comes to answer them for a real manager.


Customer Portal

Everything you need all on one page! We put together a webpage for our customers to keep handy while they go through the job-seeking process. You find the steps in the process to becoming a customer, video library of content, access link to your NextJob account, and even community resources in your area that could be helpful to you. Be sure to keep it bookmarked for quick access! Visit www.employu.org/customer-portal to check it out.

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