Your Path to Employment

A Winning First Impression


You worked on creating your brand, developing a resume, and nailing the interview. Now it's time to review what to do once you land the job. The way you conduct yourself in the first few weeks of your new job really sets the tone for the rest of your employment. Form good habits and they will serve you well.

As the saying goes, “you only get one chance at a first impression,” so make it count. Here are some tips for a winning first impression:

  • Be Prepared: Be ready to participate in the employer’s business by learning everything you can about the employer before your first day of work. Read the job description and the literature your received in the interview, and review the employer’s website.
  • Start Strong: Sleep well the night before and get a good start on your day so you'll have the energy you need for the demands of starting a new job. Nutritionists say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for energy. Don’t skip or skimp here.
  • Dress for Success: Choose clothes for work that are appropriate for the job and make sure they are clean and pressed. Do not bare your shoulders or waistline and make sure necklines are conservative. Do not wear open-toed shoes. Be conservative in your dress until you fully understand the dress code.
  • Be on Time and Be Committed: Always arrive 15 minutes early and be prepared to put in extra time, especially during your first few weeks of work.
  • Be Polite and Courteous: When you meet others, look them in the eye and shake their hand. Try to remember their names and take a genuine interest in them and their job.
  • Be Dependable: Reliability is one of the most important qualities of a good employee. If your manager or supervisor knows he can count on you, you’re more likely to receive extra responsibilities and recognition.
    • Avoid sick days by eating properly, exercising and getting lots of rest.
    •  If you do need to schedule a doctor or dentist appointment, make sure it is outside of work hours.
    • Have reliable transportation and childcare arranged.

Customer Portal

Everything you need all on one page! We put together a webpage for our customers to keep handy while they go through the job-seeking process. You find the steps in the process to becoming a customer, video library of content, access link to your NextJob account, and even community resources in your area that could be helpful to you. Be sure to keep it bookmarked for quick access! Visit www.employu.org/customer-portal to check it out.

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