Your Path to Employment

Developing Great Work Habits

There’s a saying, “Don’t work harder, work smarter.” That may be true, but especially when starting a new job, it’s very important to work harder and smarter.

Your new job is a great opportunity to develop excellent work habits.

Here are some important tips to remember:

  • Make sure to listen more than you talk; “When you have nothing to say, say nothing.” – Charles Caleb Colton.
  • Take notes during meetings and training.
  • When you are not sure how to complete your work, ask for clarification right away. Do not make assumptions.
  • Be a problem solver and volunteer if given an opportunity.
  • Don’t expect special favors or ask for them.
  • Keep your work relationships on a professional level.
  • Do not mix your personal life and your work life.
  • Avoid gossip and criticism.
  • Do not use company phones or equipment for personal needs.

Customer Portal

Everything you need all on one page! We put together a webpage for our customers to keep handy while they go through the job-seeking process. You find the steps in the process to becoming a customer, video library of content, access link to your NextJob account, and even community resources in your area that could be helpful to you. Be sure to keep it bookmarked for quick access! Visit www.employu.org/customer-portal to check it out.

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