Your Path to Employment

Measuring Success


After you have had the chance to prove yourself on the job, work towards measuring your success with your employer. Measurements of success are important in keeping your job, getting pay raises, and earning promotions.

Measurements will also help you track your accomplishments. For example, you wouldn’t ask for a raise without asking for more responsibility. Your accomplishments will show that you’re ready for those increased responsibilities. To get an idea of these measures, ask your manager.

The following is a summary list of measurements that most employers would agree upon:

  • Your customers are happy
  • You have learned to be efficient
  • You are becoming a truly independent worker
  • You show initiative and are becoming more productive
  • You catch and correct your own mistakes
  • You consistently meet deadlines

Customer Portal

Everything you need all on one page! We put together a webpage for our customers to keep handy while they go through the job-seeking process. You find the steps in the process to becoming a customer, video library of content, access link to your NextJob account, and even community resources in your area that could be helpful to you. Be sure to keep it bookmarked for quick access! Visit www.employu.org/customer-portal to check it out.

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