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Partnerships for Stronger Communities

Helping to provide career opportunities and financial independence to individuals with unique abilities is at the core of our employU’s values. That is why we are a proud partner of the Florida Unique Abilities Program. Through this partnership we are helping to raise awareness about the social and economic benefits of employing individuals with disabilities and, in the process, strengthen our communities.

In this Florida Trend Article, titled Spotlight on Florida workers with disabilities, freelance buisness writer Nancy Dahlberg writes “Organizations that work with the disabled say the employees can succeed in many types of jobs, from sous chefs to software testers to lawyers. Arc Broward developed training and certificate programs in material handling and culinary arts. For people with autism, jobs that can be broken down into processes, such as in a car wash, can provide successful environments. Microsoft changed its interview process to attract candidates with autism. It also offers mentoring programs to develop them. For other disabilities, all that may be needed from employers is some physical accommodation and an open mind. Hospitality industry managers report a ready and eager talent pool in an industry always hungry for workers.”

employU values partnerships like the one we have with the Florida Unique Abilities Program to connect to local like-minded businesses and, therefore, increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.