Ricardo’s Story


Photo of Ricardo at Gator's Dockside

Before he came to employU, Ricardo struggled for over a year to find a job. His biggest obstacle was lack of transportation, and living in rural Saint Cloud made the challenge even greater. Ricardo experienced anxiety with interviews, but when he did manage to get one, he was turned down because of transportation issues which led to a battle with depression. However, that did not stop Ricardo. He was driven to find employment so that he could provide financial assistance to his mother who has supported him his whole life.

When Ricardo found employU, he was given a Lynx bus pass and was able to attend a Pre-Employment Training (PPT) class. Ashley, his PPT Instructor, noticed a big turnaround in Ricardo, who gained significant confidence through the skills he acquired during the course.

After the PPT course, Ricardo and Frank hit the streets to find him a job. They applied to several places with no success. Then, on a spur of the moment, they walked into Gator’s Dockside to see if there was an opportunity. They met with James, the manager, and discussed employU and the services that we provide for employers and customers. Frank advocated for Ricardo, assuring James he would never miss a day and would bring his best to work. Ricardo also nailed the interview and James decided to hire him on the spot.

Ricardo is now nearing his 90 days at Gator’s Dockside. He said that he would like to learn other positions in the restaurant so that he can help anywhere he is needed. James is willing to give him that opportunity, praising Ricardo’s work ethic and positive attitude that has shined through in everything he does.