July 18, 2019


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John Yetto Testimonial

John Yetto Business Partner Testimonial

Image of John Yetto's testimonial

John Yetto is the Director of Custodial Services with WFF Facility Services at Florida Poly University. Here is what he told us about his experience with employU.

I have had the great pleasure of working with employU Employment Specialists Laura and Pam. When I came aboard, one of your clients, Michael, was already here. With Laura and Pam’s help, Michael has excelled. He even won the Employee of the Month Award recently and was so proud of his accomplishment, rightly so. I also have another employU client, Alyssa, and I couldn’t be more pleased. When she received her first paycheck, she was so excited. We commemorated the moment with a picture as part of our Business Value Review with Florida Poly

Alyssa also received the Employee of the Month award recently. I am truly blessed having these folks working here. They are caring, hardworking adults. I look forward every morning to hearing Alyssa down the hallways near my office singing ACDC or Queen. She truly loves her job. Michael comes in every day and immediately comes to my office and asks me about my day. I am so fortunate to have wonderful staff. Even with a company as large as ours, EVERYONE is family from the owner to the custodians.

The relationship we have with your organization has been wonderful and with folks like Pam and Laura it really has strengthened the bond. Thank you so much for everything and I hope the relationship only gets stronger and expands.