July 17, 2019


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Brandon’s Testimonial

Brandon's Testimonial

Photo of Brandon

I would like to thank you for appointing Anthony to serve as my son Brandon’s Employment Specialist. My husband and I have tried to help Brandon find employment for several years with no success, but when we started the process with employU it was amazing from the beginning to the end.

Anthony was kind and patient with Brandon and assisted him with his paperwork, job coaching and even asked about Brandon’s passions to get a “right fit” for employment. Anthony assured me that he would find him the right job because the sky was the limit for Brandon.

Anthony was very meticulous about Brandon dressing professional for his job interviews and gave him continued training on his verbal and presentation skills. I was so impressed with the session about teaching Brandon his rights as an employee. employU is really well rounded and sees the complete picture of employment.

Fast forward to Brandon landing the first job he interviewed for, which was amazing! I don’t think that would have been achieved without the direct help of Anthony. He has been here every step of the way, including during Brandon’s job orientation to assist with training and helping fill out his benefits sign up and other parts of the employment process. I am grateful for Anthony’s participation in my son’s life and appreciate every moment that he has been with our family to assist Brandon in his employment journey.