Work and Play at Arnold’s Wildlife

High school students Sundance and Chancy have been working hard during their first on-the-job training at Arnold’s Wildlife. While their main duties are to assist with feeding the animals, they sometimes help refuge staff, including a former employU client who completed her own on-the-job training at Arnold’s during her senior year of high school and works there as a permanent employee, with other tasks such as clearing walkways and display areas.

But working hard doesn’t mean there can’t be a little fun! While at Arnold’s Wildlife, Chancy became interested in the Kookaburras, an Australian bird. The staff showed him how the birds will talk back when spoken to. Wanting to get in on the fun, Chancy, who is non-verbal, pulled out his phone and played audio of Kookaburras calling. It worked! The birds squawked back as Chancy smiled and laughed with the staff in amusement. Everyone had a great experience thanks to a little technology and Chancy’s creativity.