Renee Continues to Succeed

Renee grew up with the challenges that come with a learning disability, but her family encouraged her from a very young age, helping her build confidence and independence. She is productive and hardworking by nature. At home, she does the laundry, makes dinner, and cleans the dishes each night.

Renee first began working at the three-in-one restaurant Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC. She was employed there for eight years. Although she thrived and the staff loved her, she had to leave the job due to an increased commute after moving.

Currently, Renee is employed at the SeaWorld restaurant, Mango Joe’s. She has been employed there for 12 years doing various jobs such as working the line, doing dishes, and cleaning tables. She has even trained other employees with unique challenges. She has a great rapport with the staff and continuously gets positive feedback from her supervisors. “Renee has grown to learn how each role in the unit [operates]. She consistently maintains an open line of communication and asks questions when she is unsure of anything. Renee works well with a diverse team and does a good job in the work area,” explains Renee’s manager, Dee Lumpkin.

She also recently passed the food safety course at Sea World. This test covers a variety of culinary skills such as, temperature danger zone, foodborne illness, top eight allergens, and Hepatitis A. “Renee is an honor to have in our area and we appreciate her,” Dee expresses.

Having an interest in horses, Renee spoke to her job coach Jernice about the possibility of finding volunteer work that could turn into a fulltime career working with these animals. Jernice helped her pursue this venture and coordinated with a small mom-and-pop farm that has offered Renee a volunteer position with the potential to become an employee when she is ready.

As her job coach, Jernice notes that Renee is independent, hardworking, persistent, proud, and determined. Although Renee recognizes her challenges, she strives to overcome them and succeed in any environment. Renee stands out by being a knowledgeable and empathetic advocate, not only for herself, but for others as well. She actively exercises strong ethics and treats everyone with respect.

employU is proud to submit Renee as a success story. She is an advocate for individuals with disabilities and an inspiration to everyone she meets.