Making His Dreams a Reality – Thomas’s Story

Thomas has dreams of moving to Los Angeles and working as an actor.  It is not surprising, seeing as a love for performing arts seems to run in his family.  Both Thomas’s little brother and father have an interest in the field.  Though Thomas has participated in plays at school, he wanted to branch out and experience more of what the industry has to offer.   

Meanwhile, Thomas’s mom was made aware of Vocational Rehabilitation services by a friend. After choosing employU, Thomas participated in a career camp and decided to take part in a work-based learning experience. 

Arlease, Thomas’s Job Coach, was able to place Thomas in an on-the-job training with Penguin Point Productions. This work-based learning experience gave Thomas the opportunity to learn a variety of aspects within the industry he’s most interested in, performing arts.  He worked with lighting, sound, costumes, and more.  Thomas has decided to participate in another on-the-job training with Penguin Point Productions and take advantage of the enhanced services offered to Orange County students.  

Thomas is also going to be doing some performing in addition to working behind the scenes.  This October, Thomas will star in the Rebel Without a Cause production by Penguin Point. employU is excited to see Thomas continue this path of passion and looks forward to hearing more about his journey of making his dreams a reality.  

Watch Spectrum News13’s coverage of Thomas below!