Project SEARCH 2020

Project SEARCH is a very specified work-based learning experience within the Transition Youth Program that has contributed to the success and growth of youth clients.  employU has partnered with St. Lucie County Public Schools and the Cleveland Clinic Tradition Hospital in the Project SEARCH Transition to Work Program.  Through Project SEARCH, students can participate in a one-year employment preparation program that takes place within the medical field. Though the training in the hospital was cut short this year due to COVID-19, the project coordinators were able to use online services to keep the students engaged and learning. The skills students gained through both hands-on and virtual learning in this program can be carried with them to future endeavors within and outside of the medical field.

Zachary made huge strides throughout his year with Project SEARCH.  While working in the hospital, he learned skills that helped him adapt to change.  COVID-19 brought changes in protocol for hospital staff, something that can be difficult for everyone. But Zachary was able to accept and adjust to the changes while maintaining professionalism.  After completing his year with Project SEARCH, Zachary was hired full time as a trash specialist in the Environmental Services Department of the hospital.

Julio is another Project SEARCH participant who was hired by the hospital working in Environmental Service.  His duties include cleaning patient rooms. During his time in Project SEARCH, he acquired tools that helped him gain confidence within himself and communicate effectively with others.

Other students have also learned lifelong communication skills through Project SEARCH. Richard learned how to communicate effectively in a professional setting.  This is a skill he will use in his new position as a stocker at Home Goods. Josh T.  also practiced communicating as he coordinated with patients in the hospital to bring them water, blankets, and other supplies.

Several students have been able to transfer the skills they learned within the Project SEARCH program to employment outside of the medical field. Josh W. made great progress throughout his time participating in Project SEARCH and has an interview as a stocker at Sam’s Club. Austin, Cori, and Allie have all accepted jobs at Publix. They learned communication and independent work skills while in Project SEARCH.  These skills will certainly be put to use as they perform their job duties at the fast-paced grocery stores.

Expressing an interest in computers and working independently, Kyle was a perfect fit for performing data input in the Nutrition department through Project SEARCH. The experience he gained performing these tasks helped prepare him for his next on-the-job training with Capture ISG. Here, he is responsible for reading the written responses from completed phone interviews and determining the appropriate code and classification for each response. Kyle is doing so well in his work-based learning experience that Capture plans on hiring Kyle once his on-the-job training is complete.

Anthony also worked in the Nutrition department at the hospital.  With a passion for cooking, he loved working in the kitchen doing patient trey assembly along with other tasks. He was doing so well that he was being trained in food prep and cooking. Anthony has expressed an interest in working in the kitchen at the hospital since starting Project SEARCH and was recently made a permanent hire doing so.

Through partnerships and programs like Project SEARCH, employU is able to give clients the tools they need to succeed on their journey towards a fulfilling career path.