A Passion for Food and Helping Others – Chris’s Story

Chris has a passion for cooking and helping others. During his time at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, Chris worked in food prep and as a cashier at the school’s student-run store. He aspires to become a chef and own his own restaurant one day.  Not only that, he also holds a unique vision for his future restaurant. In his restaurant, Chris will give back to the community by helping to feed the homeless and other individuals who normally wouldn’t be able to afford to dine out.  

In March 2020, Chris was referred to employU.  Shortly afterward, stay-at-home orders were put in place and businesses all over the state temporarily closed their doors.  As soon as businesses started to reopen, Chris and his Employment Specialist, Dena, got to work.  Hoping to gain experience working in a kitchen at a restaurant, Chris applied and interviewed for a cook and food prep position at Buffalo Wild Wings. He was hired and started his first day of work in August 

Though the noise level in the restaurant can require and challenge Chris to amp up his speaking volume to be heard, he is thriving in his position and continues to receive positive feedback from his manager. Chris is able to work quickly, keep up with the order board, and do so with a great attitude.  Most of all, Chris is enjoying working in a lively kitchen preparing food for customers.  employU looks forward to seeing all of the things Chris will achieve in the future and we hope to one day have the pleasure of dining in the restaurant Chris has envisioned.