September 14, 2020


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Millicent Simmonds Designs Face Masks For Deaf Community

There have been many adjustments since the global pandemic hit in March. Wearing a mask when going out in public has been an adjustment for everyone.  But while most of us are adjusting to the discomfort wearing a mask can bring with it, the deaf and hard-of-hearing community is also dealing with a different challenge that masks create 

Facial expressions and visual cues are essential when it comes to communication in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.  And while face masks help slow the spread of COVID-19, they also make communication very difficult for those who rely on these cues. Lip reading, something deaf and hard of hearing sometimes depend on when communicating with the hearing population, is also impossible with a traditional face mask. 

Actress Millicent Simmonds decided to come up with a solution. Working with the fashion brand Rafi Nova, Simmonds created the Millie Smile Mask.  This face mask features a clear plastic material over the mouth to allow for visual cues and lip-reading.  

employU is always excited to hear about innovative products that provide solutions to every day challenges our clients may face! For more information on the Millie Smile Mask, click here.