Keeping the Fun Going – Kyle’s Story

Formally trained at The Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Kyle has both education and prior job experience backing him when looking for employment.  Yet, Kyle still struggled to find the right fit – one that provided stability while accommodating his needs. In July 2020, Kyle was referred to employU through Vocational Rehabilitation for assistance in finding the right job position for him. 

His Employment Specialist, Kwin Chavis, worked with Kyle to not only find a job placement but one that could provide the sustainability and potential for growth that Kyle longed for. Kwin helped him stay motivated and focused during the search while advocating on his behalf to make sure potential employers were able and willing to provide the needed accommodations. 

By October, Kyle had accepted a position as a Games Attendant at Dave & Buster’s.  His duties included cleaning games, keeping them sanitized for public use, and answering customer questions. Kyle expressed a desire to take broken machines apart and put them back together in proper working condition.  Hearing his employee’s desire for growth and increase in responsibilities, General Manager Dave Joy quickly promoted Kyle to the position of Support Technician.  

Enjoying his job and the responsibility of keeping the games working for customers, Kyle performs duties that include troubleshooting the machines, testing them to make sure they are working properly, and repairing them as needed. With both employer and employee happy with the job placement, it is apparent that Kyle has truly found the right position and employer for him.  He is a key component in “keeping the fun going” at this establishment infamous for providing food and fun for all, and we couldn’t be prouder.