Starting a New Career Without a New Degree

Starting a New Career Without a New Degree

The new year often brings a desire for new beginnings with it.  For some, this includes the start of a new career.  Taking a leap into anything new can be intimidating but may ultimately end up being a very crucial step to a rewarding, sustainable financial future.  There are many reasons to start a new career. Whether you lost a job or simply desire more than your current career path provides, choosing to start something new can be difficult. 

Many believe that to start a new career, one must go back to school and get a traditional college degree.  While this is the case for some career paths, there are several lucrative industries that do not require a college degree. The manufacturing industry, for example, has a significant need for skilled employees and offers average annual earnings of $89,536. 

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a modern approach to higher education and training for those seeking a new career path in any walk of life. CTE allows one to get the training they need to start a new career faster than the more traditional four-year degree route. The Florida Department of Education has created the Get There workforce education initiative in order to highlight the 17 career pathways offered at Florida’s 48 technical colleges and 28 state colleges. “Get There accelerates student success, preparing them for their future and ensuring a talented workforce,” said Kathy Hebda, Chancellor of the Florida College System. “With 28 state colleges and 48 technical colleges and centers spanning the state, there is a program for everyone. Whether you’ve recently experienced job loss, graduated high school, or are simply looking for a career change or opportunity to stack your credentials – we want to help you Get There.” 

If you’re unsure of where to start, exploring possible career paths while getting paid to do so is the ideal scenario.  This is possible through employU’s Industry-Based Work Experience Programs. Also known as on-the-job trainings, work-based learning programs offer customers the opportunity to gain first-hand, real work experience at local businesses, and contribute to the workforce while building sustainable career pathways for themselves. Through these programs you can not only gain valuable experience and industry-specific skills while being paid, but you can also work towards certifications at little or no cost to you.  

These programs allow for both career exploration and development. At times, on-the-job training program participants are offered permanent placement with the host businesses. (Check out how this happened for employU clients Hasani and Jesse.) This is one of the ways the program serves as a foot in the door for job seekers. If you’ve completed an on-the-job training with a specific industry and figured out it’s not for you, no problem! You can always try another on-the-job training program with a different industry. Starting a new career pathway doesn’t have to be scary, even if you don’t know what that path looks like yet.  Our programs are designed to not only help you find a job, but to also help you discover and prepare for the unique career path that is right for you. 

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