Business Partner Highlight: Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Last year we covered the story of employU client, Shawanna.  Through the help of her Employment Specialist, Susan, Shawanna was able to follow her love for animals and gain experience working at Big Dog Ranch Rescue. She explains, “I love working at Big Dog Ranch. I love working with the dogs and have made a lot of friends!”  Along with Shawanna, Big Dog Ranch has provided work experience opportunities to three additional employU clients since the start of our partnership in January of 2020.  As we continue making our way into 2021, Big Dog Ranch Rescue continues to be one of our business partners that we value every day. The organization offers important work experience to our clients in an enjoyable environment where they can feel appreciated and fulfilled through their work. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many ways Big Dog Ranch gives back to the community.  

Founded in 2009, Big Dog Ranch Rescue is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save 5,000 dogs every year. The organization not only cares for the dogs and places them with their forever homes, they also educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering, as well as how to properly care for dogs. But Big Dog Ranch is so much more than your typical animal rescue. While they do work within the local community to give back through programs like their Veteran Service Dog Program, Big Dog Ranch also works globally to save the lives of dogs worldwide. 

For example, the organization sends teams to China to bring back dogs that would otherwise be sent to slaughterhouses. Big Dog Ranch then photographs and writes biographies for each dog before flying them back to the U.S.  This system creates an opportunity for the dogs to already have adoption families lined up before even arriving in the States. Working on a national level, the organization’s founder and president, Lauree Simmons, participated in a Presidential signing of the first U.S. law to make animal abuse a federal crime. 

employU is proud to partner and work with Big Dog Ranch Rescue and is excited to support the incredible things this organization continues to work towards in the future.  For more information on becoming an employU business partner click here.