March 10, 2021


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Determined to Go the Extra Mile: Lauren’s Story

As a sophomore in high school, Lauren was first referred to employU for a Vocational Evaluation, Pre-Placement Training class, Self-Advocacy class, and an on-the-job training (OJT). Within her first year with employU, Lauren was able to complete her Vocational Evaluation, Pre-Placement Training class, and four OJTs 

Over the past three years, she has successfully completed nine on-the-job trainings. Participating in OJTs with a variety of businesses including Longhorn Steakhouse, Marshalls, House of Hope, Capture ISG, and Once Upon A Child, Lauren has continued to build her skills with each placement. With each on-the-job training, she has gained more confidence in herself and her abilities, needing less support from the job coaches and requiring fewer accommodations.  

Lauren graduated from high school this past year and is enrolled at Indian River State College with an end goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. She is continuing her journey with employU and her job coach is working to find additional on-the-job training sites that will allow her to gain work experience working with children in pre-school or after-school care settings.  

Lauren’s Transition team has enjoyed every moment of working with her. Her Transition Coordinator, Jeff Hancock, says, “Lauren is one of the most outgoing and engaging students that has come through our offices on the Treasure Coast. She has a way about her that draws you in and makes you want to go that extra mile for her. Lauren will be able to change the world, and it has been amazing to be able to help her on her journey.” We can’t wait to see what’s next for Lauren on her journey in accomplishing her goals!