March 15, 2021


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Finding Her Niche: Ava’s Story

A life of independence and fulfillment is a goal many have in common. employU client, Ava was no different. She came to employU motivated to gain work experience and earn money to work towards buying a car and becoming more independent. It was clear she was willing to do whatever it took to achieve this goal. 

Hardworking and driven, Ava participated in six on-the-job trainings (OJTs), at three different worksites, during her time with employU. Her job coach worked with Ava to identify OJTs that would maximize her great communication and work ethic skills. She did so well each time that she was offered permanent jobs at each site.  

Starting as a dispatcher at Palm Bay Air and Heat, she quickly became a customer favorite, being asked for by name within a week. She also thrived at her next worksite, Marshall’s. She was hired on during the Christmas holidays and then kept working as a weekend associate. But when Ava started her on-the-job training at Price Family Homes, she knew she had found her niche. Her duties at this OJT included helping with data & project management. It was clear that Ava was someone that got things done and was eager to learn new skills whenever possible. 

Ava was offered a data manager position at Price Family Homes after her second OJT with them. She accepted the position and is enjoying her work there. She directly helps the vice president of the company manage more than 30 active worksites. She also processes data and work orders for all of them. Ava says the best part about her job is knowing that she is valued. “…Every day after my shift I know I did something that contributed to the company. I feel like I am an asset rather than someone filling a position, Ava explained. Ava will graduate this May and has a bright future ahead of her with a career that fits her skill set perfectly. employU is proud to be a part of Ava’s journey in achieving a life of independence and success.