Growing and Learning: William’s Story

William at workWilliam is a young man with dreams of becoming a doctor one day. In the meantime, William wants to gain general work experience and independence. To accomplish this goal, William connected with employU to participate in an on-the-job training (OJT). Within a couple of weeks, William was working at his first on-the-job training at Annie Johnson’s Thrift Store. After completing a successful first OJT, William quickly started his second workplace learning experience at McFarlin Feed and Supply. 

Though William seemed nervous at first, it didn’t take long for him to open up, ask questions, and assist customers with confidence and a smile. Along with being a friendly face customers look forward to seeing, William is also a hard worker who arrives on time and always maintains a very professional appearance. Balancing both high school and his OJT, William is enthusiastic about his work experiences and is learning how to navigate different settings with different people. This skill will help him in the future as he begins to explore career fields, businesses, and job opportunities. 

William is only 17 but seems to be beyond his years in some ways because he seems so motivated and determined to work,” says William’s Job Coach, Jessie West. “…It is exciting to watch him grow and learn every week with these new experiences William will be an asset to any future job or career field.